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100 years ago: Full-page ad gives glimpse of Lawrence businesses

November 29, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 29, 1911:

[A full-page assortment of advertisements greeted Lawrence readers on the day before Thanksgiving, 1911.]


"Special Thanksgiving Day Program -- Four Fine Reels -- Foot Ball Pictures of the Army-Navy (Annapolis vs. West Point) -- the great athletic event of the season in all its details at the up-to-date show. THE AURORA"

"HESS' IS THE PLACE to buy your Turkeys, Geese, or Chickens for Thanksgiving."

"P & No. Photo Company. The people who solve the Christmas question best for the least expense. Over Bell Bros."

"For Thanksgiving Dinner -- Pears, Nuts, Grapes, Raisins, Apples, Grapefruit, Kumquat, Brussels Sprouts, Oyster Plant, Dwarf and Mammoth Celery, New Green Beans, Fresh Tomatoes, Head and Flat Lettuce, Spinach, Cranberries, Egg Plant. Guenther's, Phones 226"

"Sealshipt Oysters and a full line of fruits for your Thanksgiving Dinner. After Dinner Smoke one of Ed. Anderson's Cigars"

"At Gus Wahl's Store You can find everything that goes to make up a good Thanksgiving dinner, such as Turkeys, Ducks, Geese and Chickens, Oysters, Celery, New Jersey Cranberries, Heinz Pure Mince Meat also Fresh Naval Oranges and Good Johnston apples. Bell Phone 665, Home 52, 641 Mass St."

"TURKEY DINNER 25c. Don't worry about Thanksgiving Dinner, Eat at the PEERLESS CAFE, -- 1009 Mass. St. Special Attention to Families"

"$150.00 buys a Six-Horse Gasoline Engine. Guaranteed Absolutely. Be sure and see us before you buy. Thad Stevens"

"MOVED! We are now permanently located at 811 Mass. Street, and will continue to handle all makes of Typewriters for Sale or Rent. Have you seen the new model Royal? It is a dandy. Come in and see us for anything in the typewriter line. R. M. Morrison Agency"

"WELL SUPPLIED with all kinds of produce. BOUGHT BEFORE THE RECENT ADVANCE -- Ten Cars Potatoes, 5 Cars Apples, etc. This will keep prices within the reach of reason this winter in Lawrence. HELM COMMISSION COMPANY"

"Eat Thanksgiving Dinner at the Eldridge House"

"Just Received, TWO MORE CARS OF THOSE Good Potatoes -- Kaffir Corn and All Kinds of Seed. BUSCH SEED CO. Phones 637"

"Fresh New York Buckwheat Flour just received. Now is the time for hot cakes and maple sugar. PIERSON MILLING COMPANY"

"The Clean Meat Market -- Schleifer's -- Meat is good meat, and the new shop at 840 Mass. Street speaks for itself. Look at our windows. For good meat call both phones -- 63."


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