Chevron files lawsuit against Lawrence business for trademark infringement related to Salina gas station sign

Chevron USA Inc. has filed a federal lawsuit alleging trademark infringement against a Lawrence-based company that owns a gas station in Salina.

According to the complaint in the case filed Wednesday, Chevron accused the I-70 Hotel Corp. of not fully removing and continuing to display “distinctive red and black Texaco color patterns” that are under trademark at the station at 1846 N. Ninth St. in Salina.

Chevron owns the rights to Texaco’s marks after purchasing the company and still uses the Texaco brand. The suit alleges the Salina station was once a Texaco station until its agreement for a Texaco fuel supply was terminated.

“We address situations like this to eliminate consumer confusion as to the true source of gasoline, lubricants and related products and services in the marketplace,” said Sean Comey, a Chevron spokesman. “Chevron initiated litigation in this matter as a last resort. In the vast majority of these situations, we resolve this type of issue on a cooperative basis and without the need for litigation.”

Chevron is asking U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia to order the station to cease using the markings and to award damages.

Members of the I-70 Hotel Corp. did not return calls Monday seeking comment.