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100 years ago: Foundry worker suffers eye injury

November 26, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 26, 1911:

"Prof. L. L. Dyche who is state fish and game warden is to receive pay from the University of Kansas in addition to that which the state pays him for being state fish and game warden. When Prof. Dyche was first appointed to his new position, there was a controversy as to whether he should be paid by both the state and the University. The matter had not been decided definitely until this week. Prof. Dyche will now receive $2,000 from the University."

"Russell Leffered, last night, while at work at the foundry, sustained a very painful injury when a piece of red hot iron flew up and struck him squarely in the middle of his right eye. Naturally the injury was terribly painful and the agony of the iron in his eye was almost beyond endurance. This morning Leffered was feeling better, but he will not have the use of his eye for some time."

"The Topeka Capital told, under a large headline this morning, that the entire new white way was aglow last night for the first time. Topeka has been working on this modern system of lighting the business streets for some weeks and is greatly proud of the result."


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