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How do you make a turkey? Kids explain

November 23, 2011


You can ask Mom. Or look it up on Wikipedia. Or call the Butterball hot line.

Or trust some of the youngest, brightest, most imaginative minds on the planet — first- and second-graders at Schwegler School — for advice in preparing your holiday turkey.

Or not.

“They’re great kids,” said Laura Hollinger, a library media assistant at the school, 2201 Ousdahl Road, “but no, I’m not doing that.”

Are you game? Feel free to sample creativity from these answers to a simple question asked over lunch Tuesday at the school: So, just how do you make a turkey?

Click through the photo gallery at left to learn what the kids we spoke to had to say, and you can also leave us your tips in the comments.

On the street

What’s the best way to cook a turkey?

We’re buying a turkey and a supplement. I’m thinking of brining this year — I like to try something new each time. I’m going to make it look like that Thanksgiving picture — all-American.

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blindrabbit 6 years, 6 months ago

Mark: How do you make a turkey; that is a question you ask a tom turkey when he sees a flock of hens! Turkeys make turkeys, humans prepare turkeys. That is unless you have created some new form of cloning or some other exotic reproductive process.

spirit_level 6 years, 6 months ago

Too cute! Thank you, Mark, for approaching a well-trodden seasonal subject in a fresh way.

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