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100 years ago: Pigeons come home to roost

November 20, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 20, 1911:

"When Wm. Kolb, a 16 year old high school boy of Cottonwood Falls, moved to Port Lavaca, Tex., with his parents two months ago, he shipped his flock of pigeons to a produce house in Kansas City. Part of the birds had small tin bands around their legs on which were the letters 'W.K.,' the boy's initials. One morning a few days ago a flock of seven pigeons appeared at the Kolb place, now owned by another party, and at once took possession of the pigeon houses on the barn which still remained. They seemed to be perfectly at home and showed no intentions of leaving.... They had evidently escaped from their confinement in Kansas City after being held there almost two months and immediately flew back to their old home 159 miles away. When the leg bands were discovered, the birds were caught and given to a boy who will care and provide for them a good home."


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