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Scouting news for November 19, 2011

November 19, 2011


Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 52, chartered by Lawrence First United Methodist Church, participated in Mini Merit Badge Weekend, Nov. 11-13, at Camp Naish. The Scouts enjoyed camping, climbing, wood carving, shotgun shooting and rifle shooting. Scouts participating were Max Briggs, Jaimie Messer, John Milburn, John Peterson and Gavin Spence. Adults participating were Richard Messer, Jace Newman, Kent Peterson and Bryan Spence.

Members of Eudora Boy Scout Troop 64 traveled Nov. 11-12 to western Kansas. They camped overnight in Russell before touring the historic Fort Hays site in the morning, looking at buffalo, and visiting the Sternberg Museum later to see the prehistoric fossil displays including the “big fish with the little fish inside.” Leaving Fort Hays in the afternoon, they stopped in Abilene to visit the Russell Stover Candy Store. Scouts attending were Andrew Briery, Patrick Bradley, Dakota Coble, Nathan Gentleman, Steven Wimmer and Cub Scout Nate Criqui. They were accompanied by adult Scouters Glenn Jackson, Jim Morrison, Damon Bradley, Jerry Criqui, Duane Gentleman, Ann Wimmer, John Scott and Amye Scott. Family and friends also traveling included Elizabeth Bradley, Aidan Washburn, Kathy Lewis, Dana McCoy, Michelle Criqui, Nevaeh Criqui, Heather Goodlett and Lucas Louder. On Nov. 12, Roy Wimmer joined the group. Troop 64, sponsored by the Eudora Lions Club, meets at 7 p.m. on Mondays at the West Center on Winchester Road.

Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered to Westside Presbyterian Church, held its Fall Court of Honor Oct. 3 at Westside Presbyterian Church. The event featured 169 merit badges, 13 rank advancements and 16 special awards being earned since the last Court of Honor in May.

Merit badges earned: archery — Carter Claxton, Austin Coughlin, August Hachmeister, Drake Riner, Joseph Waisner, Joshua Waisner and Luke Winchester; art — Carter Claxton, Kjell Mullenix and Joseph Waisner; astronomy — Jamie Braden and Michael Heschmeyer; basketry — Austin Coughlin, Braden Johanning, Clayton Pfeifer and Connor Remboldt; bird study — Drake Riner and Alex Tharp; camping — Daniel Spencer Clapp, Stephen Fulton, Lane Nations, Stephan Osterhaus, Ivan Santos and Ted Savich; canoeing — Austin Coughlin and Michael Heschmeyer; cinematography — Stephen Fulton, Tyler Hanson, John Kihm, Lucas Mackey and Mathew Thompson; citizenship in the community — Connor Remboldt; citizenship in the nation — Lane Nations; climbing — Lucas Mackey and Stephan Osterhaus; communications — Carter Claxton, Sadra Gerami, Lane Nations, Alex Waite and Luke Winchester; cooking — Jacob Pfeifer; environmental science — Andrew Burger, Remington Eakin, David Gates, Emaad Gerami, Quentin Harrington, Blake Nations and Daniel Page; first aid — Ivan Santos; fish and wildlife management — Drake Riner; fishing — Braden Johanning and Alex Tharp; forestry — Drake Riner and Joshua Waisner; geology — Andrew Burger, Remington Eakin, David Gates, Emaad Gerami, Quentin Harrington, Paul Kuglin, Billey Lenz, Blake Nations, Stephan Osterhaus, Daniel Page, Mathew Pitts and Jonathan Smith; Indian lore — John Bennett, Stephen Fulton, Alex Houston, Cody Koch, Kjell Mullenix, Clayton Pfeifer, Nick Pippert, Connor Remboldt and Tyler Robbins; insect study — Jamie Braden and Kjell Mullenix; leatherwork — Clayton Pfeifer and Connor Remboldt; lifesaving — Michael Gates, Cody Koch, Levi Koch, Lane Nations, Stephan Osterhaus, Ted Savich, Alex Tharp, Joshua Waisner, Alex Waite and Luke Winchester; mammal study — Hunter Barnes, Andrew Burger, Remington Eakin, David Gates, Emaad Gerami, Quentin Harrington, Paul Kuglin, Billey Lenz, Blake Nations, Daniel Page, Mathew Pitts and Jonathan Smith; music — Daniel Page; nature — Sadra Gerami; personal fitness — Ivan Santos and Joshua Waisner; personal management — Isaac Remboldt; photography — John Bennett, Patrick Turner, Michael Gates, Michael Heschmeyer, Levi Koch, Lane Nations, Nick Pippert, Luke Winchester and Seth Winchester; pottery — David Gates, Connor Remboldt and Luke Winchester; reptile and amphibian study — Andrew Burger, Emaad Gerami, Quentin Harrington, Blake Nations and Mathew Pitts; rifle shooting — Michael Gates, Gus Hachmeister, Braden Johanning, Alex Tharp and Joseph Waisner; rowing — Alex Houston, Nick Pippert and Ivan Santos; scuba diving — Stephan Osterhaus; sculpture — John Bennett and Connor Remboldt; shotgun shooting — Cody Koch, Levi Koch and Seth Winchester; soil and water conservation — Ted Savich; space exploration — Michael Gates, Drake Riner and Ted Savich; swimming — Andrew Burger, Patrick Turner, Remington Eakin, David Gates, Emaad Gerami, Gus Hachmeister, Quentin Harrington, Paul Kuglin, Billey Lenz, Blake Nations, Daniel Page, Mathew Pitts and Jonathan Smith; water sports — John Bennett; weather — Jamie Braden, Michael Gates and Alex Tharp; wilderness survival — Sadra Gerami, Drake Riner and Joseph Waisner; wood carving — David Gates, Quentin Harrington, Daniel Page, Clayton Pfeifer, Connor Remboldt and Jonathan Smith.

Rank advancements earned: tenderfoot — Andrew Burger, David Gates, Billey Lenz and Blake Nations; second class — Drake Riner and Joshua Waisner; first class — Stephan Osterhaus and Luke Winchester; star — Lane Nations and Alex Tharp; life — Ivan Santos; Eagle — Isaac Remboldt; and gold palm — Jacob Pfeifer.

Special awards earned — 12 month camper: Luke Winchester; 50 miler — Ben Maloun, Clayton Pfeifer, Jacob Pfeifer and Joseph Waisner; mile swim — Jacob Pfeifer; physical fitness — John Bennett and Lucas Mackey; Mic-O-Say first flame — Jamie Braden and Isaac Remboldt. Awards earned by the adult leaders: 12 month camper — Gregg Winchester; and 50 miler — Bryce Baringer, Mike Maloun, John Pfeifer and Chuck Remboldt.

Joseph Waisner also earned The Triple Crown Award for completing treks at BSA’s three High Adventure bases in his scouting career, Philmont, Norther Tier and Seabase.


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