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City Commission agenda for Nov. 22

November 18, 2011


Bottom line

City commissioners will consider approving a program that will allow police officers to purchase through the city certain types of rifles that officers then would carry with them in their patrol vehicles.


The lease-purchase program basically would allow the city to buy the rifle and then the officer would repay the city through 26 automatic payroll deductions. The city has a similar program in place that allows officers to purchase their patrol pistols. The police department requires officers to purchase their patrol weapons because it believes officers will be more likely to practice with the weapons if they own them, and also will maintain them better. The city is estimating each patrol rifle will cost about $1,600. The department has been allowing officers to carry patrol rifles since 2003, but there has not been a program in place to help them purchase the weapons.

Consent agenda

• Receive minutes from boards and commissions.

• Approve claims.

• Approve licenses recommended by the city clerk’s office.

• Approve appointments as recommended by the mayor.

• Bid and purchase items:

A. Set bid date of Dec. 13, 2011 for consolidation of custodial contracts for 10 city facilities.

B. Award bid for City Hall north roof replacement, design and project management to Kaw Roofing for $59,530, provided the contractor can meet terms in contract documents.

C. Approve a change order for $5,028 to Concrete Rescue for additional foundation stabilization work at the Traffic Building, 445 Miss.

D. Authorize the city manager to execute a change order to a contract with Walters Morgan Construction for an anaerobic digester improvements by increasing the contract amount by $30,217 and increasing the contract times by 18 days.

E. Authorize the city manager to enter into a cost share agreement with the Kansas Water Office and approve a $19,333 payment to the Kansas Water Office.

• Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance rezoning about 0.8 acre from U-KU (University-Kansas University) to RM32-PD (Multi-Dwelling Residential-Planned Development), for 1043 Ind. St. Submitted by Paul Werner Architects, for Triple T LLC, property owner of record.

• Adopt a resolution to provide additional debt authority for the completed Sixth Street projects. This does not alter the total amount of the 2011 Street Maintenance program and previously approved 2011 debt obligations.

• Approve these following items related to 3900 W. 24th Place:

A. Adopt on second and final reading an ordinance rezoning about 3.3 acres from RSO (Single-Dwelling Residential-Office) to CN2 (Neighborhood Shopping Center), at 3900 W. 24th Place.

B. Adopt on second and final reading and ordinance for a special-use permit for gas and fuel sales, also known as a convenience store, with a car wash and office building on about 3.3 acres of vacant property at 3900 W. 24th Place.

C. Authorize the city manager to execute a Traffic Control Improvement Development Agreement, which would permit Hy-Vee Inc. to have access from its property to Crossgate Drive in accordance with the terms of that agreement.

• Authorize staff to negotiate an engineering services agreement with Black & Veatch for design phase engineering services for the Electrical Improvements Program and the Mechanical Improvements Program.

• Authorize the Patrol Rifle Lease Purchase Agreement for police officers.

Regular agenda

• No items are scheduled for the regular agenda.


Richard Heckler 6 years, 7 months ago

Lawrence is a college town which the primary focus is education. That is where the money is so why not focus on more institutions of education? Build a business college,an art institute,a Vo Tech campus and a ASE automotive certification institute.

The real estate executives want us to believe that "shop till you drop" can easily generate the same revenue as the 25,000-30,000 college kids bring to town. Let's bring 45,000 students to Lawrence and watch economic growth take place.

The Free Market has spoken which says the KCMO/JOCO retail market is far more desirable to Lawrence shoppers. The Free Market says stop digging a deeper money hole. Lawrence cannot support massive retail development which only produces economic displacement that which increases the tax burden on the Lawrence population.

Focus the retail rehabilitation on downtown with attractive new retail selections such as SONY Style,Function Junction and LL Bean. This will create more foot traffic. Face it the Free Market knows very well that Lawrence is no KCMO/JOCO retail market. Let's not get duped again.

In more than 25 years of shoving that down the throats of taxpayers what we have is a failing philosophy. Now these same thinkers are draining the wallets of taxpayers building just about anything connected to sports. They are thinking they can sell more real estate spending zillions of dollars on "athletic projects". In doing so this group has our school district BOE recklessly spending money to support another failed philosophy.

The new hotels are being built to further this failing philosophy. These hotels may pay back by way of Jayhawk sports,Sunflower Games and bicycle races. They may get some windfall from the art fairs as well as Final Friday if Lawrence pushes these gold mines.

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