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Douglas County Commission approves requests for conservation grants

November 17, 2011


It looks like an old farmhouse will be getting a new life.

The Douglas County Commission approved a $163,000 grant to restore the Robert Hall Pearson Farmhouse, one of 10 projects approved for funding.

The farmhouse is believed to be the site of the first battle that escalated into the Civil War. The $297,500 worth of funding for projects was recommended to the county by the Heritage Conservation Council, which was formed last year to assess requests from historic sites for $350,000 of county money set aside for historic, cultural and natural preservation.

Commissioners Mike Gaughan and Nancy Thellman voted in favor of all 10 requests for funding, while commissioner Jim Flory voted in favor of just one: $15,000 toward pursuing the relocation of the 1892 Lecompton City Jail.

Flory said all 10 of the projects were worthy, but he questioned the county’s ability to fund them at this time.

Other grants awarded include:

• $29,500 to formalize plans for renovating two historic buildings located at 720 and 722 Main St. in Eudora. They may eventually house the Eudora Community Museum and Eudora Area Historical Society.

• $3,000 to repair the roof of Clearfield School.

• $20,000 to hire a museum consultant for the Wakarusa River Valley Heritage Museum.

• $2,700 toward teaching Douglas County residents about the cultural heritage of historic trees.

• $3,000 for signs marking the 10 most historic buildings Main Street in Eudora.

• $22,300 in funding to protect a 276-acre conservation easement through the Kansas Land Trust program

• $9,000 to push three places to be included on the national historic registry: B’nai Israel Cemetery, Robinson Oakridge Farm Barn and 707 Main St. in Eudora.

• $30,000 to preserve the steeple and west side of Vinland Presbyterian Church.


justforfun 6 years, 7 months ago

$2,700 toward teaching Douglas County residents about the cultural heritage of historic trees. Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!! I guessing this is somehow important??

thefactsare 6 years, 7 months ago

So they awarded more funds then were set aside in the budget?

thefactsare 6 years, 7 months ago

Sorry, I read that wrong, disregard the comment. I'd delete but don't know how.

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