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100 years ago: Sara Robinson, one of earliest Lawrence settlers, dies at 84

November 16, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 16, 1911:

"At eight o'clock [yesterday] morning, Mrs. Sara T. D. Robinson, aged 84 years, died at Oak Ridge, her farm four miles northeast of the city. The immediate cause of her death was bronchitis, but Mrs. Robinson had been in feeble health for some time because of old age. In the passing away of Mrs. Robinson there goes from the state of Kansas a woman who occupied a singular position.... All her life Mrs. Robinson has written, and many of her articles have appeared in the newspapers of the country giving what she knew was the true version of those early days of Kansas.... Coming to Kansas among the first, she at once took her place with the workers for the cause of freedom. She was conspicuous in her work and it took bravery of a high order to do the work she did and she did it with an intelligence and a courage that was superb.... In latter days the present generation, except for the older settlers, have not realized the position that Mrs. Robinson occupied. She was a tiny little woman with white hair and timid ways. Many visitors would go out to the Robinson farm, Oak Ridge, to see the little woman, whose memory held so much that was valuable, but the present generation knows her only through the monuments left to the Robinson memory."


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