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November 14, 2011


Jason Vance Wallace, 39, Lawrence, and Angela Beth Ross, 35, Lawrence.

Adam Christopher Rankin, 25, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Ann Newton, 26, Lawrence.

William Patrick Ryan, 24, Lawrence, and Rachael Elizabeth Fallin, 24, Lawrence.

Henry Lee Wendel, 31, Lenexa, and Beth Anne Wegner, 31, Lenexa.

Jeremy Wayne Wilson, 29, Lawrence, and Jessica Marie Pippert, 27, Lawrence.

Benjamin James Kacner, 26, Lawrence, and Anne Marie Valburg, 29, Lawrence.

David Donald Harter, 26, Lawrence, and Alyssa Marie Shaffer, 21, Lawrence.

Jonathan Edward Turner, 22, Lecompton, and Sarah Cheri Milligan, 23, Lecompton.

Jeremy Ryan Schuyler, 25, Lawrence, and Jennifer Leigh Schneider, 25, Lawrence.

Vicente Mendoza Mezquite, 41, Overland Park, and Ramona N Luevano, 48, Lawrence.

Clarence Gardner Hansen, 47, Baldwin City, and Carrie Shannon Fiske, 42, Baldwin City.

Di Di Wang, 30, Lawrence, and Amanda Sue Wright, 35, Lawrence.

Troy Eugene Pomeroy, 32, Lawrence, and Lauren Brianna Lindsey, 30, Lawrence.

David Shane Gunn, 35, Chicago, and Danielle Rana Basci, 28, Chicago.

George Robert Diepenbrock, 29, Lawrence, and Lindsey Alison Slater, 26, Lawrence.

John Lawrence Bodle, 54, Lawrence, and Maureen Michelle Carroll, 51, Lawrence.

Jacob Michael Brown, 29, Lawrence, and Kasi Jean Voorhis, 27, Lawrence.

Justin Charles Stein, 26, Muncie, Ind., and Ashley Nicole Hutchison, 26, Muncie, Ind.

Cody Trevor Housworth, 26, Lawrence, and Tabatha Marie Trott, 24, Lawrence.


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