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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says rural burglary reports have increased

November 7, 2011


Year by year

Burglaries reported to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

• 2010: 67

• 2009: 72

• 2008: 64

• 2007: 43

• 2006: 74

— Statistics provided by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, which can be accessed online at

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reported a recent spike in burglaries in rural Douglas County. Sgt. Steve Lewis, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said 16 burglaries have been reported since Oct. 1 — with six of those in November.

While Lewis did not have a year-to-date total for burglaries in 2011, reported burglaries in the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction — which includes the townships in the county and fairground property — have averaged about five a month since 2006, according to FBI statistics.

“It’s above average,” Lewis said of the recent spike.

Here’s a breakdown of the townships where burglaries have been reported:

• Palmyra: 5

• Lecompton: 4

• Willow Springs: 3

• Eudora: 2

• Marion: 1

One burglary was reported at the fairgrounds.

Lewis said the burglaries have mostly occurred during the day, when homes tend to be vacant. Lewis said he spoke to a detective on the case who said a clustered spike like this can be an indication of a team of people committing the crimes.

In addition to general home safety tips, Lewis advised anyone with information about the crimes to call the Sheriff’s Office at 841-0007, or the TIPS hot line at 843-TIPS.

Google Map

Recent rural burglaries

View Township markers in a larger map

Township locations, and number in each area, of recent burglaries reported to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Locations do not correspond with a particular address, but rather the township in general.


50YearResident 6 years, 6 months ago

When these guys get caught by an armed homeowner it might get ugly.

50YearResident 6 years, 6 months ago

I live in a rural area. I recently had a guy come to the door wanting to sell me blacktop for the driveway. He parked where his truck was just out of sight. It made me wonder if he was casing my house for a burglary. It made me wonder what would have happened if I hadn't answered the door.

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