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100 years ago: New wireless technology to connect midwest schools

November 4, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 4, 1911:

  • "If the present plans do not fail, Kansas University will be on a connecting air line with other universities of the Middle States via wireless. The plan in rough is to furnish all these schools with news over wireless lines and the news will be confined only to that of interest to the schools. A large number of leading universities in the middle states have wireless stations and it is very probable that the new form of communication will be used in obtaining telegraphic news for the school publications."
  • "The weather man said yesterday, 'It is going to snow,' and so it did. This morning Lawrence awakened to the fact that snow had fallen overnight or early in the morning. The ground was still covered with white. The snow did not last long, however, for by noon it had disappeared completely. It was sufficient to show that winter has arrived actually and that Turkey days and Christmas are on the way."
  • "'Uncle Jimmy Day' is an event apart from all other celebrations at the University of Kansas. It is a day given over to doing honor to J. W. Green of the law school. Uncle Jimmy [is] beloved of all students and especially beloved of the laws. Last night a banquet went to show Dean Green what is thought of him, and it was such a banquet as K.U. had never known before."


Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 7 months ago

"news over wireless lines"

What will they think of next? Maybe someday we can talk to the Selenites or maybe even the Martians on wireless lines!

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