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100 years ago: KU ‘co-eds’ guilty of breaking rule on weeknight dating

November 3, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 3, 1911:

"At four o'clock yesterday afternoon about thirty girls of the University of Kansas were summoned to appear before a special meeting of the Women's Student Government Association and tell why they have been breaking the week night date rule. All of the girls confessed that they were guilty. No action was taken aside from telling the girls that they must not offend again.... One of the most emphatic arguments used against the University of Kansas for many years was that too much stress was laid upon society here, and that the girls and boys were together constantly instead of studying. Those who were opposed to the University stated that they would not send their children to a school where the boys and girls had dates nightly. How could any studying be done under these circumstances?... At last the Greek Letter organizations were the first really to take up the matter. They made house rules by which they declared that their girls must abide. Among the rules posted at these houses was one which emphatically forbade any of the girls from having engagements except on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. At first the rule seemed to have some effect. It wasn't so long, however, that the rule either seemed to die or fade away. Once more the co-eds and the boys were seen strolling about the streets together just 'any old night.' What could be done? It was just about that time that an organization at the University began to make itself felt. It was called the Women's Student Government Association, given full power to legislate all matters where the life of the college girls was concerned.... Ever since the beginning of school this year, the fact that there was a ruling against the week night dates was very noticeable -- by the absolute disregard for it. There has not been an evening but that the boys and girls could be seen down town together at the nickels, everywhere, having a good time. Why, a week night seemed the same as any other to them. It was not until within the past two weeks though that the disregard for the ruling extended so far as week night parties. These are not just parties at houses, but regular dances held at halls. It is alleged that three of these have taken place during the past week. However, it was [during] a subscription party Tuesday night in Eeke's Hall, that the Sword of Damocles ever present over 'transgressors' fell with a clatter that should have been heard for miles around. It was found that almost twenty-five girls at that dance, were University girls. Awful!!!!!"


Sarah St. John 6 years, 5 months ago

I suspect, from the overall jocular tone and the five exclamation points, that the newspaper just wasn't taking this quite as seriously as the Women's Student Government Association. :-)

p.s. I just might have a date with my husband tonight.... and it's only Thursday!! The horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LadyJ 6 years, 5 months ago

What on earth would they have thought of co-ed dorms?

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