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100 years ago: Annual Barteldes party a big success

November 1, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Nov. 1, 1911:

  • "How would you like to have an income of $600 a week? Not so small is it in these days of the 'high cost of living' and other things. Yet that is the income that one girl at Haskell Institute is said to have and she is just a school girl at that. Plenty of money to spend on caramels and the other joys of school girlhood. The girl has some property that is very valuable and it is from this that she is getting her princely income. Her name is withheld for imagine a girl, single, with an income of $600 a week, not claimed. There would be a stampede at the Haskell gates."
  • "Every year the Merchants' Athletic Association is marked by at least one event that means a good time from beginning to end. That is when F. W. Barteldes always gives a big party in honor of his birthday which comes in the latter part of October. Everyone who ever attended one of these affairs always looks forward to it with much interest. This year when the invitations were issued it was seen that the party would be more important than ever for the bills read 'Old Bart's' birthday and 'Young Bart's' wedding party. More than 150 guests gathered in the rooms last night for the good time, many of these being from out of the city including the managers of the other seed houses of the Barteldes Seed company. There was a big feed, and a general jolly time."


Ernest Barteldes 6 years, 7 months ago

Those were the days... last time I was in Lawrence, it was for my grandfather's funeral. Not even a reception for all the family that came in from all corners of the nation to pay their last respects....

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