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Kobach says Arizona-style immigration bill more likely to pass in Kansas after Supreme Court ruling

May 31, 2011


Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on Tuesday said chances have increased that the state will pass an Arizona-like crackdown on hiring illegal immigrants now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the law.

“The Supreme Court rejected some of the arguments that we heard in the Kansas legislative committees,” said Kobach, who helped write the 2007 law approved in Arizona that was upheld last week by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The law penalizes businesses that hire illegal immigrants and requires employers to use the federal E-Verify database system to check the immigration status of their workers.

The court ruled 5-3 in favor of the law. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, said the employer sanctions law “falls well within the confines of the authority Congress chose to leave the states.”

Attempts to pass an E-Verify bill in Kansas have failed, with much opposition coming from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, which has argued the proposal put an undue burden on business. Civil rights groups have argued that the Arizona law is pre-empted by federal immigration.

But Kobach, a Republican who has been a national figure in writing anti-illegal immigration laws, said he believed the law would relieve businesses of liability because the federal E-Verify system would be the basis for determining whether a worker was an illegal immigrant. He said the court’s approval means that states can be involved in enforcing immigration laws.

He said he expected the issue to come up again in the 2012 legislative session.

Kobach said he believed the employer sanctions law is a much more sweeping law than SB 1070, which he also helped write for Arizona and which allows police to question a person’s legal status. That law is being challenged in court.


Bob_Keeshan 7 years ago

Kobach's issue isn't the employer sanctions, it is all the other nonsense he insists on tying to its passage.

The two biggest obstacles to immigration reform are the Kansas Chamber and Kris Kobach.

RogueThrill 7 years ago

Employer sanctions are one of the FEW things that make sense about this law.

jhawkinsf 7 years ago

A complex problem needs a nuanced approach. Employer sanctions are good. Enforcement of laws designed to hold responsible employers and the illegal immigrant is needed. And tighter security at the border also needs to happen.

levotb 7 years ago

Sec. Kobach is right. Utah's Sen. Sandstrom is ready to file his LAWA-like E-verify bill so the ball is indeed rolling since the SCOTUS decision.

Writer Rothschild is only partially right when he says that the 1070 law is being challenged in court. Only PART of it is being challenged. The E-verify part and the anti-day laborer and employer part are law, were left alone by Judge Bolton.

Tim Quest 7 years ago

It would be nice if the Secretary of State would pay attention to, oh, ANY of his actual job duties instead of focusing solely on his racist witch hunts.

Kontum1972 7 years ago

when will he set up the crematoriums...gas or wood?

Ormandy 7 years ago

From the tenor of some of the uninformed comments, the position of Kris Kobach very likely mirrors that of between 65 - 75% of the electorate. The fact that the SC affirmed the state of AZ is another positive sign. Being in the mainstream of such a momentous and contentious issue is life affirming. Right on Kris and the majority plus in the KS legislature.

Bob_Keeshan 7 years ago

Another positive sign that the Kansas GOP and the Kansas Chamber are on the wrong side of the issue.

If a majority of the KS legislature approved of this law, it would be law. Instead, the majority GOP legislature has bottled this type of law up and refused to pass it.

Jimo 7 years ago

The SC case turned on whether the state was exercising its routine authority to regulate business where the federal government had not preempted the field.

The immigration law in Arizona is about a state taking immigration powers on to itself where the federal government has preempted any state authority and exercises sole domain over the topic.

But then Kobach has long been a joke as a constitutional scholar. lol

LJW - where is a quote from a real constitutional scholar or two at Washburn or KU? KS Sec. of State expresses bizarre constitutional theory and newspaper just plays stenographer. Sorry, but I can read Kobach's press releases directly. We don't need the LJW for that purpose.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 7 years ago

Why doesn't this Republican Terrorist just hire a brass band, get a big red neon sign arrow above his head and stand out in the public square for his praise and adoration?

average 7 years ago

I like how the article fails to mention that the only 'punish employers who hire illegals' bill this year was actually introduced by the Kansas Democrats. And it is consistently shot down by Chamber of Commerce Republicans.

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