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May 29, 2011


Andrew Schuyler St. James, 45, Lawrence, and Robin Ann Lewis, 53, Lawrence.

John Francis Burns, 29, Las Vegas, and Laura Elizabeth Farley, 28, Las Vegas.

Scott Lee Hunter III, 29, Lawrence, and Erica Lynn Peterman, 29, Lawrence.

Patrick Zachary Hangauer, 27, Lawrence, and Holly Ann Cramer, 27, Lawrence.

Christopher Stephen Chambers, 26, Baldwin City, and Sarah Irene Hammar, 27, Baldwin City.

Joshua Carlisle Harger, 25, Eudora, and Melinda Kay Fridy, 31, Eudora.

Julian Paul Fisher, 25, Lawrence, and Kelli Jean Carlson, 25, Lawrence.

David Matthew Ernst, 31, Lawrence, and Heidi Lynn Wege, 25, Lawrence.

Allen Scott McDaneld, 49, Lawrence, and Kimberly Ann Keller, 47, Lawrence.

Thaddeus Quinn Warren, 34, Lawrence, and Amy Lois Myers, 30, Lawrence.

Eric Christopher Ganson, 35, Eudora, and Erica Lynne Spurling, 40, Eudora.

Michael Paul Law, 52, Lawrence, and Anne Berney Werring, 34, Lawrence.

Stuart Dean Morrow, 24, Lawrence, and Diana Carolina Cardenas-Cevallos, 21, Gardner.

David Alan Whitford, 28, Lawrence, and Stesha Ann Dammann, 22, Lawrence.

Charles Ray Hurst, 52, Lawrence, and Michelee Renee Morgan, 42, Lawrence.

Cody Ryan Emerson, 27, Lawrence, and Marissa Kay Pinkston, 25, Lawrence.

John Anthony Sartori, 68, Sequim, Wash., and Carol Lou Sartori, 66, De Soto.

Elhadji Malick Seck, 24, Lawrence, and Maureen Roseanne Copeland, 25, Lawrence.

Marvin Mitchell Drucker, 62, Lawrence, and Isabel Irene McGraw, 56, Leavenworth.

Mark Edwin Weatherford, 20, Manhattan, and Jessica Rose Gibler, 20, Lecompton.

David Troy Roberts, 25, Boise, and Patricia Suzanne Morris, 33, Boise.

Kim Winslow Swisher, 42, Tonganoxie, and Jessica Lynn Clements, 29, Tonganoxie.


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