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100 years ago: Sad anniversary of 1903 flood

May 29, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 29, 1911:

  • “Eight years ago tomorrow the Bowersock mill went down the river. It was a sad day for Lawrence. The great flood of 1903 was in full control of the situation. For several days the pall of despair had been hanging heavily over the town. The flood reached a crisis on Decoration Day morning. Up to that time some houses had gone out and the bridge went out eight years ago today. There was a big crowd assembled at the river for the word went quickly that the time had come when the mill must go. The flood took the mill and buried it in the river so quickly that people hardly knew what was going on until it was all over. Mr. Bowersock was a great loser in that flood but he has never lost his nerve in the disasters that have come to him. He has never asked for a bonus, never whined, never asked anyone to help pay his bills. Today after the lapse of eight years he is building bigger than ever.”
  • “Awakened at midnight by the flash of a match, Mrs. H. V. Stunz, 158 Locust, half rose in bed to see the face of a man peering at her from behind a partially shaded match. Of course she screamed, and with a quick movement which extinguished the tiny flame the burglar vanished in the darkness. He had been peering through the window, and had he found the room unoccupied he would undoubtedly have crawled in and ransacked the place.”


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