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Education value

May 24, 2011


To the editor:

As we approach graduation season, many young folks approach the uncertainty that we all have experienced in this situation. I was very disturbed to see a news article on the ABC news noting that some new college graduates were complaining that their college degrees were “worthless” because of the current economic situation. I learned early on from some very dedicated high school and college professors that the purpose of education was not just to stuff your brain with facts that would allow you to go forth, get a high-paying job and rest on your laurels, but to learn how to continue learning. This is also the purpose of a good education.

The world is not a static place, and all of us older folks have seen change; upgrading of our knowledge acquisition never ends. “Commencement” means beginning, not the end. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my high school and college English teachers who made it clear to me the advantage of having a firm grasp of our native language. It has served me well for my 67 years.

To those who feel their education has been worthless, you have missed the true value of education, the opportunity to acquire the skills to continue to learn and gain wisdom throughout your life. Nothing remains set in stone for very long, and your ability to adapt will serve you very much more than the capacity to merely absorb facts and rest assured you are “educated.”


Jimo 7 years ago

"The world is not a static place, and all of us older folks have seen change"

True. But the change can be for the worse. Let's hope our congressional representatives don't refudiate(!) our debt and plunge the world into the abyss, all with some delusion of protecting the Koch Bros from paying their share of taxes. A college degree isn't worth much when you're living in a sod house down by the river working for your Chinese overlords.

George Lippencott 7 years ago

I cannot help but observe that there may be a problem more fundamental than lack of value in education. We may have created a generation (or part of one) that has lost the notion of service to nation in the idea of service to self. Education to some has become a button that yields a good job rather than as a step towards being a productive member of our society.

Paul R Getto 7 years ago

Education is mainly for the mind and soul. If all you want is money, skip the hassle and drive a truck or learn to service ATM machines.

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