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Sediment filling Clinton Lake faster than expected, according to study by KDHE, U.S. Geological Survey

May 19, 2011


Out of the tap

Reports in early September, 2006, on water in Douglas County grew from a partnership between the Kansas University William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, the Journal-World, 6News, World Online and WaterLINK, a service learning project funded by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment through the Environmental Protection Agency.

A reservoir that supplies water for the city of Lawrence is filling with sediment faster than planned, reducing the lake's storage supply.

A two-year study by the U.S. Geological Survey in Lawrence says Clinton Lake is filling with sediment 70 percent faster than planners expected when the reservoir was finished in 1977. The study says, however, that equates to a filling rate of about one-quarter of a percent a year, which the USGS says isn't unusually high.

The study was done with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

It also said Clinton Lake had had increased incidences of algae blooms, which can make the water taste bad. Large algae blooms can also create toxins.


Paul R Getto 7 years ago

Does not bode well for the future, particularly for West Lawrence. Can you spell "higher water rates and slower development" boys and girls? I have heard Lawrence already buys water from Carbondale. Is this true?

EAStevens 7 years ago

Here's a question: why? Why is the lake filling faster than anticipated with sediment? Where is the sediment coming from? Can the sedimentation rate be altered?

LogicMan 7 years ago

Dredge, or drain and shovel. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Getaroom 7 years ago

Doesn't matter, once The Demigod Brownbackward abolishes KDHE too - there won't be anyone to watch it fill in. Cutting the EPA will take care of the rest of the useless immoral Liberal agenda right? Water for the rich and what's left for the rest of us? Who cares if the quality, or amount, of our drinking water goes down so long as the Republican Legislature has plenty to drink. It's an unregulated capitalistic free market right? Natural resources are controlled by ... those who bring you - survival of the fittest and social darwinism. Sell the water rights to soft drink bottlers and pay down the national debt - NOT. Corparatocracy. Think that is a joke, we have it now and it's going to get bigger?

Richard Payton 7 years ago

p> might be a solution for people wanting better tasting water.

eotw33 7 years ago

for $5,000? I think ill stick to my filtered pitcher

wdl 7 years ago

They may have to truck in some more beer or something in an effort to offset the silting problem. This would of course boost sales tax revenue's which would help answer some of the states budgetary short fall. I like Sams and the Larry the cable guys approach to a situation, "Just gitter done" and worry not.

SnakeFist 7 years ago

There is no problem. Sediment, like CO2, gasoline, and beer, is a naturally occurring substance - in fact, sediment is 100% dirt - so how can it be bad? Use common sense people: This is a liberal plot to control your water use. Every scientist and engineer who says differently is obviously compromised by the need to protect their million-dollar grants to study sediment.

50YearResident 7 years ago

Sediment is a real problem. As the sediment fills in the lake there will be less fish, more alge and plant growth, less oxygen in the lake, warmer water temperatures, which all makes for more polution. It can and will kill the lake for all uses if it gets too shallow. Every time it rains more sediment flows into the lake. Sediment flows downhill until the dam interupts that flow. The problem is real.

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