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Company working on western Kansas air service

May 19, 2011


— The Salina Airport Authority is helping an airline's bid to provide service to three western Kansas communities.

SeaPort Airline is bidding for essential air service contracts in Dodge City, Great Bend and Hays. It has served Salina since last year.

The head of the Salina Airport Authority says if SeaPort increased its presence in western Kansas would increase SeaPort's volume. He says that would improve Salina's chances of getting a flight to Denver.

At the request of the airline, the Salina Airport Authority sent information about SeaPort to the three communities.

The Salina Journal reports that officials are generally pleased with SeaPort's performance in Salina since April 2010.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is expected to announce the contracts in June.


Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

Sure, there is a need for air service to Salina, Dodge City, Great Bend and Hays - but there is also a need for bus service to many other communities in western Kansas.

Colby, Kanas is the closest you can get to the northwest corner of the state. The Greyhound bus won't even stop to just drop you off in Goodland!

Some years ago, there was Greyhound bus service in St. Francis, but today the closest stop is in Colby, which is 75 miles away.

Oh well, there used to be train service to St. Francis. But, that was before my time. These days, we drive everywhere!

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