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Kansas Senate honors Victor Ortiz

May 10, 2011


— The Kansas Senate has honored the World Boxing Council’s new welterweight champion, who grew up in Garden City.

Senators unanimously adopted a resolution Monday praising Victor Ortiz, who captured the WBC title in a unanimous decision last month over previously undefeated Andre Berto. Ortiz, nicknamed “Vicious” for his boxing style, has compiled a 29-2-2 record.

Ortiz was born in Liberal but raised by foster parents in Garden City. He was a seven-time national amateur boxing champion before winning the WBC title.

The Senate resolution commends him for serving as a role model “exemplifying hard work and commitment.” After its adoption, Ortiz posed for photos with senators and showed off his championship belt.


GardenCityKS 7 years, 1 month ago

it's a shame that Brandon Rios who is still undefeated and won the WBO Lightweight Championship and is the NABO Lightweight champion wasn't recognized also. i find it is also a shame that these two new champion's have yet to return anything to the community. with the recent cinco de mayo parade and festival this weekend neither mr. ortiz or mr. rios was there. also its a damn shame that after winning their world tiltles and the sponsorships went to their training camps in california. what is a true hero, one who should be honored for going above and beyond their abiliities not for themselves but someone else. i was one of the big fans for brandon rios and seeing that victor ortiz didn't try to help and return help to his original club was heartbreaking. now that mr. rios has proceded to do the same as mr. ortiz , that just shows there are no true heros left. i want to say i am sorry that you are all blind to this and i feel it had to be said. i was a big boxing fan but know i see that in this world the hero's aren't who they say they are. i want to thank the thousands of soldiers that go beyond their abilities to be called heros. for victor and brandon no thanks. there was alot of love here for them in garden city, but im not that one anymore. the original club they came out of still exists and goes by the same rules that Bucky Avila had. Give the kids the best they can get and train them hard to not win but be the best they can. Bucky didn't get much help then and now he's gone, this club still doesn't get any help. Thanks to The WBO ,WBC Champion's. yeah right!!!! Lonnie Lucero

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