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25 years ago: Deer breaks into downtown office building

May 9, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 9, 1986:

  • On this spring morning, Lawrence police officers discovered what first appeared to be a burglary in an office building in the 700 block of Massachusetts Street. However, the broken glass door leading from the outside proved to have been caused by a deer. The doe, who was “very highly stressed” according to officers, was found at the base of the inside stairwell, and unfortunately died on the way to the Kansas University animal care unit. Sgt. Mark Brothers of the Lawrence Police Dept. said that several deer had been found in the city recently, including two in an Old West Lawrence alley and a few reportedly grazing in the median on 23rd Street.
  • In spite of a change in ownership, Commonwealth Theatres of Kansas City was reporting that it was planning to honor its commitment to add new screens to the firm’s theaters. Two of those screens were under construction at Lawrence’s Hillcrest Theatres, Ninth and Iowa. The Hillcrest, which had been operating with three screens, was set to close for four to five weeks before re-opening as a five-screen theater.
  • During the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend, the Downtown Lawrence Association was distributing red geraniums to mothers shopping downtown. Moms were also able to register for a $500 shopping spree.


Liberty275 7 years, 1 month ago

The deer was probably grazing on K2 at 7th Heaven before the great and almighty kansas nanny state legislature behind the curtain made the sale of that particular room deodorizer illegal.

I'm so thankful we are free of the plague that was potpourri-heads roaming our streets causing trouble like the deer in question.

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