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Helicopter ambulance called for accident north of Baldwin City

May 8, 2011, 12:21 a.m. Updated May 8, 2011, 8:57 a.m.


A 61-year-old Baldwin City man was taken by LifeStar helicopter to the Kansas University Medical Center early Sunday morning after a single-vehicle accident north of Baldwin City.

According to Douglas County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Steve Lewis, the accident occurred shortly before midnight when Claude Chappelle's southbound Mazda pick-up truck hit a ditch in the 400 block of County Road 1055, which is north of Baldwin City.

Medics and Douglas County Sheriff’s officers called for a LifeStar helicopter ambulance to land at the Vinland airport to transport Chappelle, whose injuries were described as serious by emergency dispatchers. As of Sunday morning, no further information about Chappelle's status was available.

Medics with the Palmyra Township Fire Department, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical and the Baldwin City Fire Department were among those who responded.

After Chappelle's accident, another vehicle hit Chappelle's truck and fled the scene, Lewis said. However, no further information regarding that incident was available as of Sunday morning.

Check for updates.

400 block of County Road 1055


50YearResident 7 years ago

Doesn't Lawrence Memorial treat injury accidents anymore? A regular ambulance could transport an injured person quicker than calling in a hellicopter from out of town. What good is a non-emergency only hospital? Seems like maybe LMH has some stock in the Air Ambulance Company. What is the cost of 1 air transport to an area hospital? Inquiring minds want to know.

somebodynew 7 years ago

Get prepared 50year, you are about to be taken to task for questioning something like that. There are a lot of posters who will come on and tell you all the reasons for this. At least with what is reported on this story, it might actually have been neccessary.

Trust me, it is not always so. You just to be prepared for the backlash when you openly pose those (legitimate) questions. Good Luck.

KEITHMILES05 7 years ago

LMH is a bandaid station. Anything serious goes to Topeka or KC.

kernal 7 years ago

50Year, not all hospitals can afford to be all things to all medical situations. Paitients are sent where there medical needs can best be dealt with. In the past, everyone was sent to LMH and THEN transferred to the appropriate hospital which cost the patient even more money. Now, it's more common to transport the patient directly to a medical facility that can best handle the needed trauma care. If you've really lived hear for fifty years, you would know this by now. It's not like it's been a big secret.

50YearResident 7 years ago

$500 to transport to LMH, another $750 to send to KC = $1250 not $7000 as mention by another poster. And actually, now it is a little over 60 years as a Lawrence Resident, so I am well aware of how things work.

somebodynew 7 years ago

50year - if you are thinking $750 by helicoper you are further behind times than I am - and I am old!!

50YearResident 7 years ago

That was Land Transport vs Air @ $7000

GardenMomma 7 years ago

You forgot the ER cost at LMH, the doctors fees, the radiology fees, etc. That plus land transportation costs probably comes close to $7,000. Even if it doesn't, what price are you going to put on time-critical treatments when assessing at LMH first and then transferring to KC? Just driving probably takes about 35 minutes and assessing first probably another 30 minutes. So, in a time-critical situation (like say, a head injury) the patient has lost an hour's worth of precious treatment time. What value do you place on that? $500? $5,000?

akt2 7 years ago

In my brother's case he crawled out of the vehicle and was transported by Dg Co Fire and Med to the Haskell campus. Maybe 5 blocks. Possible head injury. That was around $500. Then it was another $6000 for the air transport to KU Med. I saw the bills and what insurance paid. I have spent 50 years living in the area also. Until this year, the past decade working at LMH. They are not a band aid station. Just not a trauma center. If you have severe internal injuries or your brain is soup you need a trauma unit. LMH is a community hospital. They can tell if you are having a heart attack when you are having chest pain. If it is angioplasty they can take care of you. If you need open heart surger they will stabilize you and transport you out to a major hospital. Don't underestimate their ER. Those physicians are very capable. They also have immediate access to consult with any trauma unit or med center in the region.

horseshoehalo1 7 years ago

One of these days you may need LMH to help you or save your life, then you will regret that band-aid station comment. Don't underestimate them. They do wonderful work.

Nanna1 7 years ago

I agree with horseshoehalo1, they have been there for me. I believe this question of transporting them to another hospital has been asked and answered in the past. If there is head injury and in need of a neuro doctor, which I am sure they cannot tell for sure out in the field, then it is most important to get them to the KC hospital sooner then later. And yes a helipoter can definately travel faster than ground transportation. Thank you LMH and please forgive them for they know not what they talk about.

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