9/11 opportunity

Families of victims would likely prefer to meet SEALs, intelligence officials.

May 6, 2011


President Obama and his handlers probably tried to keep his Thursday visit to New York City’s World Trade Center from looking like a campaign trip but rather as a solemn event to lay a wreath at ground zero to show his appreciation for the courage and skill of the Navy SEALs and intelligence officials who planned and executed the daring and successful raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

He also found time to meet and visit with New York City firemen and police officers and with relatives of those killed in the Trade Center attack.

It always is an honor to meet and visit with the president, but one has to wonder if the relatives, as well as the police and firemen, would have rather had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the SEALs and Central Intelligence Agency who planned and executed the highly successful attack. They are the ones who helped bring some degree of closure to these relatives who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack. They would have liked to be able to thank those who took part in the actual attack.

Obama admirers will defend the president’s visit while others will say it was a shrewd political maneuver taking advantage of the SEALs’ successful mission as a means to strengthen his political position for the upcoming presidential election.


Bob Forer 4 years ago

"...but one has to wonder if the relatives, as well as the police and firemen, would have rather had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the SEALs and Central Intelligence Agency who planned and executed the highly successful attack. They are the ones who helped bring some degree of closure to these relatives who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack."

So, Mr. Simons, are you suggesting that President Obama's decisive leadership in choosing the commando raid over other options had nothing to do with the recent success? Remember, he IS the Commander in Chief.

Sally Piller 4 years ago

Way to research the subject of your criticism LJW! The Navy Seal Team 6 who carried out the raid are anonymous. They wouldn't be able to do this meet and greet that you think is necessary.

Scott Drummond 4 years ago

Dolph probably tried to disguise his petty, small minded and pathetic hatred of our duly elected President, by printing this anonymous editorial in his own private propaganda outlet.

Scott Drummond 4 years ago

Maybe Dolph would have rather had the President on an aircraft carrier with some socks shoved in his pants.
Or maybe the President should have gotten out a bullhorn. Wasn't it President bush who claimed the terrorists would be hearing from him soon. Soon apparently meaning after his two terms ended and a competent leader was elected.

Scott Drummond 4 years ago

Keep whistling, you are almost past the graveyard!

4getabouit 4 years ago

"some socks shoved in his pants"

Now that's funny.

Kendall Simmons 4 years ago

Sure, Mr. Simon. Provide terrorists everywhere with the names and photos of the people directly responsible for bin Laden's death so that these brave folks and their families can live the rest of their lives in fear of retribution from looneytunes.

I'll bet that's not what those 9/11 families want.

Darrell Lea 4 years ago

Perhaps those pundits who pretend to speak for "the 9/11 families" should at least find an actual 9/11 family to have in their corner when needed. Otherwise, a puff piece like this is nothing more than fatuous posturing.

Also, the first paragraph here is such a run-on sentence that it almost ceases to communicate anything coherent by the time it ends.

The SEALs mission did not exist in a vacuum. They were working on the orders of their commander-in-chief. If the commander-in-chief had not ordered the mission, the SEALs would not have had an opportunity to succeed.

Thank you, President Obama.

Lawrence Morgan 4 years ago

I agree that President Obama has done a wonderful job with this. However, Mr. Simons has a major point - there is a need for more information, and surely someone could provide this to them. I don't appreciate the tone of some of the remarks here. They don't contribute in any way to the content of the editorial-they are just pointed remarks directed towards Mr. Simon. He and I don't agree on many things, but he does provide an important perspective that needs to be heard.

Scott Drummond 4 years ago

His perspective - blind hatred of our President - is pretty widely available on AM radio and Faux "News."

Sally Piller 4 years ago

Your name wouldn't be Simons would it ksplains? They were pointed remarks directed at the author of this crap, which bears all the hallmarks of Mr. Simon's writing. Important perspective? The editorial was is completely laughable, like most of Dolph's right wing drivel.

grammaddy 4 years ago

.."There is a need for more information"...By whom. They got him, he's dead. That's good enough for me. Now can we get back to fixing the economy and creating jobs. I, for one, had given up on the idea we would ever find him, that he would be this face we all feared until he died of old age and his body was found. I'm loving the way it turned out. So glad we have a thinking President. That one 2012!

George Lippencott 4 years ago

In a world of infinite shades of grey and sophisticated nuance, we have a bunch of pseudo-intellectual far left Bush haters ranting. Mr. Obama deserves credit for his decision. Other men/women deserve credit for making it possible and for carrying it out. We are a complex country of 300 million plus and thankfully only a few have such extreme views. What a waste.

Scott Drummond 4 years ago

What you have here, George, are people reacting to the unsubtle and unsophisticated diatribe against wholly imagined motives of our President. Pointing out the logical inanities is not ranting. Do you have criticism of the clearly extreme slant of the editorial?

Andrew Reeves 4 years ago

Yes, I agree. Like, maybe, invite George W. to the site and have him accept some credit as well? Oh, what? He refused to go? Hmmm.
This article is laughable. I'm pretty sure Obama has thanked these servicemen over and over. That's ok. I'm sure that IF Bush would've caught and killed Osama during his presidency, the same people would be asking the same thing, right? "Why is Bush taking all the credit?" Yeah, right....

George Lippencott 4 years ago

No, it is politics as usual. I can see how some on the right can wish to minimize Mr. Obama's role. I don't agree with them but I do respect their right to their opinion. I believe our statistics suggest that about 30% are left about 25% are right and the rest wander around the middle. It is the middle that is important. Appearing intolerant turns them off - whether from the right or the left.

cato_the_elder 4 years ago

According to Gallup, approximately 20% of Americans identify themselves as liberals, with over twice that many identifying themselves as conservatives. Approximately 35% identify themselves as moderates, making America a center-right country. Committed leftists such as those who regularly post on this forum live primarily in college and university communities and urban enclaves such as Hyde Park in Chicago, and thus from a geographic standpoint occupy only a very small part of our country.

ylime3499 4 years ago

I don't care for Obama, but I understand him using this to boost his campaign—knowing for years where Osama has been, and just now giving the go ahead. Any president in his position would have done it this way. For those who don't agree that's fine... it's great actually that's, because that’s part of being an American—agree to disagree.

But his speech using, "I, Me, My..." hit a nerve, because it was, "Them, They..." As for a 9/11 family what about one of the 50 families invited to the event speaking out about how insensitive the mass e-mail invite only saying "Dear 9/11 Victim Family," instead of taking the time to fill in "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family". The president has aids to handle this kind of task. Having them take an extra hour and a half (trying to be nice) to type in names, and try to make it personal… come on.

It doesn’t matter, because no matter who is in the presidential spot light will have critics.

Andrew Reeves 4 years ago

Now, ylime is a person a Liberal-minded individual can have an intelligent conversation with. No "Lefty this, Liberal that....." I don't agree with most of the sentiment, but at least it was stated in an adult/civilized manner.

I do agree Obama's waiting for now to kill Osama could've been political. I'm pretty sure the U.S. intelligence members knew Bin Laden's whereabouts for a while now. (yes, even before Barrack's presidency).

Something like this isn't unusual. GW did the same with Hussein.

tomatogrower 4 years ago

"I don't care for Obama, but I understand him using this to boost his campaign—knowing for years where Osama has been, and just now giving the go ahead. "

Wouldn't it have been more politically savvy to wait until closer to the election. There is plenty of time between now and then to have his popularity drop. Maybe he was just doing his job. Of course that would make him more electable, you know, doing his job.

Linda Endicott 4 years ago

I get so sick and tired of hearing all the disrespect on these boards toward President Obama... Whether you agree with the man or not, he was elected president, and he is YOUR president, too, even if you're a republican... I did not like George Bush, and I'm not a republican, and I disagreed with many of his policies, but he was also elected as our president, and I respected that and the office he held...even though I'm a democrat, George Bush was still our elected president... I wish republicans could recognize the same thing about President Obama...

Phone_Man 4 years ago

I'm sure all of you Bush bashers are the ones who think we should not be at war. If Bush had not had the balls to go over there in the first place your beloved Obama would have never had the chance to kill the SOB. You non war supporting morons want to take credit for something that would have never happened if it had not been for Bush. We should not rest until that region is a sheet of glass crated by our bombs! Civilians or not!

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