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100 years ago: House building changes hands

May 5, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 5, 1911:

  • “Bob House has lately purchased the building occupied by P. H. Pierce. In this Mr. House is coming into his own, as the House Clothing Store occupied this building for many years. It is one of the old buildings of the town and a slight jog in its walls marks the level of Massachusetts street in the years gone by, when it was about three feet higher than at present in the 700 block.”
  • “The hardware store of Sneegas Bros., 633 Mass., was burglarized last night, the robbers getting a number of weapons and the contents of the cash drawer. The loss amounts to approximately $30 with no clue to the burglars. That the burglary was the work of three men or boys bent on a criminal career is indicated by the class of articles they appropriated. Three revolvers, three razors, and a large quantity of cartridges were the only things missed, aside from the contents of the money drawer.”
  • “Fein’s motor boat is at your service at any time for picnic parties or pleasure rides. Makes trips to Cameron’s Bluff any hour on Sunday. For any other dates call either phone 463. Boat landing at foot of Tenn. street.”


nomorebobsplease 7 years ago

Where are Cameron's Bluffs located? Public access?

Sarah St. John 7 years ago

North of Lawrence, overlooking the Kansas River. I think there is a power plant out there now so the area is probably privately owned. But it appears to have been a popular destination spot for hikers and boaters 100 years ago -- see OHT for Dec. 30, 2010, for mention of Boy Scouts taking a day-hike to that area.

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