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Lighted path between downtown Lawrence, KU gets final piece of needed funding from city commission

May 4, 2011


A plan to build a lighted path between downtown and Kansas University received its final piece of needed funding Tuesday night.

Commissioners unanimously approved an allocation of $137,010 in federal Community Development Block Grant money for a lighted pathway project that has been sought by students and university leaders to improve pedestrian safety. The path will run from South Park to the intersection of 12th and Louisiana streets. Work is expected to begin this summer.


dsplawrence 7 years ago

Thanks to tax payers, the thousands KU morons I see around town every day wearing the identical blue Jayhawk T-shirts will have a lighted path to follow when they stammer home drunk from the downtown bars. Aren't they special.

lawslady 7 years ago

Stammer home? Don't you mean stagger?

Terry Schmidt 7 years ago

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grimpeur 7 years ago

Perhaps, dspl, you'd prefer that they drive drunk, instead of walk.

roadwarrior 7 years ago

I thought we, as a nation, were trying to conserve energy ? Is anyone even considering some kind of alternative lighting system ? solar maybe ? Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a student project while at the same time satisfying their own need. Maybe ?

Daniel Speicher 7 years ago

First (and only) intelligent comment I've read about this yet. I completely agree. Although the lights they will be using will use negligible amounts of energy, when lit as often as they will be lit (every night, presumably), one might want to think of finding an environmentally sustainable solution. I completely agree with you, roadwarrior, I am surprised that no one had thought of this when discussing the issue thus far.

--Danny Speicher

allofyousuck 7 years ago

you know what's amazing,? It's the fact that they just cut school programs and after school programs by about this much and now they are going to use it for a stupid lighted path, what is going to end up happening is a bunch of drunk people are going to trash the lights and it will have to be redone every year wasting more and more money, don't you think we should have kept the programs open?

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