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Man accused of battery found competent for trial

May 3, 2011


A Douglas County judge Tuesday declared a 34-year-old Lawrence man competent to assist in his defense in connection with charges related to a March incident in the 1400 block of Haskell Avenue.

District Judge Michael Malone made the ruling in the case of Leon E. Kimball, 34, who is accused of breaking into a residence, forcing one resident inside to go with him to find someone else and punching another of the residents, who required stitches.

Prosecutors have filed aggravated charges of battery, robbery, kidnapping and burglary against him.

Two co-defendants, Joshua D. Haynes, 22, and Tasha M. Barnes, 34, have already entered pleas to misdemeanor criminal restraint and criminal trespassing charges in the case. Prosecutors said there was no evidence Haynes and Barnes struck anyone during the incident.

Malone sentenced Haynes to serve 12 months on probation and to have no contact with his co-defendants or victims. Malone is scheduled to sentence Barnes on May 12.

A preliminary hearing for Kimball is scheduled for May 25.


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