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Reno County to pay over $11,000 for frying pan attack

March 31, 2011


— A Reno County inmate who was stopped by a frying pan while allegedly trying to assault an elderly Hutchinson woman will cost the county more than $11,000.

Kevin Scott Funderburk is scheduled to appear in Reno County Court Friday on charges of attempted rape, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated battery.

Prosecutors say Funderbunk in December convinced a 71-year-old Hutchinson woman he was homeless and needed help. After she let him into her home, he allegedly tried to assault her and she knocked him unconscious with a frying pan.

The Hutchinson News reports that Funderbunk was arrested before being taken to the Wichita hospital to have his scalp stapled. Because the medical care occurred after the arrest, Reno County will pay just over $11,000 for his treatment.


Multidisciplinary 3 years ago

I plan to be commit a crime just after my congestive heart failure goes to the next stage. If you can't get medical care as you are now, become someone new... there's always lock up. 8-/


ranger73 3 years ago

H&K USP with a .45 ACP configuration- The glock is nice but I like the feel and fit of this one better.


bootlegger 3 years ago

Should of Glocked him; then case is medical bill; just cremation; and dont need a jar either.............



dulcinea47 is correct.

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Kontum1972 3 years ago

so...was Funderbunk born in this country?


billbodiggens 3 years ago

It could be said that greedy attorneys that do exist are hired by greedy consumers. . .


autie 3 years ago

that was $10,950 in processing and handling.


Adrienne Sanders 3 years ago

The real problem here is the cost of healthcare. I have had staples in my scalp and it takes about half a second to put each one in. About two seconds to take each one out a couple weeks later (and that part's done by a nurse, not a doctor.) There's no way that should cost $11K.


RoeDapple 3 years ago

If she'd of whacked him a few more times maybe the state could of buried him a lot cheaper.


alittlecurious 3 years ago

Wouldn't the taxpayers be paying for this guy's health insurance anyway???


Jock Navels 3 years ago

well now, if "obamacare" had totally kicked in, this guy would have his own health insurance...right? then the state law could be repealed, and the taxpayers wouldn't have to foot the bill....


Liberty275 3 years ago

How many stitches will $11,000 buy? I've watched an emergency room doctor sew up parts of my body and each stitch with the cool little knot took about 10 seconds.


nekansan 3 years ago

Isn't this typically why individuals that are injured in the commission of a crime are not typically arrested until after they have received primary treatment from the hospital? Sounds like someone needs to remind Reno County law enforcement, arrest the guy after he has his head stapled!


Craig Weinaug 3 years ago

Legally, counties are responsible for the medical expenses of prisoners in their custody. It is a state mandate that cost the Douglas County taxpayers $733,734 in 2008, $629,660 in 2009, and $688,683 in 2010. The actual cost can vary significantly from year to year depending on the medical condition of the persons who are sentenced by the courts to serve a sentence in the county jail. Under state law, counties have no discretion as to whether we provide such care: state law requires it, and county officials have no discretion over the sentencing of inmates.


macon47 3 years ago

the guy is a bum, just like our down town beggars

the public would pay for the treatment either way one way or the other

too bad she didnt just shoot him in the head aNd the country could pay to bury him instead


somedude20 3 years ago

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jhawkinsf 3 years ago

"Charged with attempted rape, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated battery" on a 71 year old woman. If convicted, this man should spend the rest of this life in jail and his next life in hell. And no plea bargain where he pleads guilty to jaywalking and serves 10 days, please.


consumer1 3 years ago

WHat BS!! Freakin attorney's .


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