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2 Jefferson County men killed, a third injured in head-on accident Tuesday night

March 30, 2011


Two Jefferson County men died Tuesday night after a two-vehicle crash in the northeastern part of the county.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, Daniel Shawn Walker, 27, of Oskaloosa, and Shawn K. Fraker, 38, of Winchester, died in a head-on crash on Hickory Point Road about 6 miles north of Oskaloosa and just southwest of Winchester. The crash occurred about 8 p.m., about a half-mile east of U.S. Highway 59.

According to the accident report, their eastbound 2002 Acura was struck by a westbound 2005 Kia Sedona minivan driven by 31-year-old Brian Joseph Keefe, of Winchester. Keefe’s Kia had drifted left of the center line.

Keefe was not wearing his seat belt and was taken to Stormont-Vail HealthCare in Topeka for his injuries.

Walker and Fraker both wore seat belts. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Information regarding Keefe’s condition was not available Wednesday evening.


cheeseburger 7 years ago

Something doesn't sound fair about this. The guy that causes the accident and is not wearing his seat belt lives, while the two guys minding their own business and wearing their belts die.

Prayers and condolences to the families of the true victims.

notanota 7 years ago

They were in a normal sized car, and he was in an SUV. And it's never right or fair when something like that happens. My condolences to everyone involved.

UfoPilot 7 years ago

No, THEY were in an SUV and HE was in a minivan.

KEITHMILES05 7 years ago

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Bryan Mayes 7 years ago

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countrygirl 7 years ago

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3kidsandamom 7 years ago

I really wish people who don't know the situation would not comment. It seems everyone wants to pass judgement on others. Look in the mirror before you do so. There are so many victims in this situation and all involved and the families of all involved are the "true victims". Tragedy comes in so many forms and our lives are always impacted. There is a higher power than us and I pray those of who condemn people will not suffer the same judgement by others that you have laid out for these people. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families.

crazyredneckmomma4 7 years ago

Perfect example of why wearing seat belts should NOT be a law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Holzwarth 7 years ago

Have you ever heard of a concept called statistics?

Bob Forer 7 years ago

The concept is probability. Statistics is a area of study which includes the concept of probability.

Nikki Kessler Pickens 7 years ago

My heart breaks for the families of all involved in this accident. I will hold you all in my heart extra tight in your time of sorrow.

3kidsandamom 7 years ago

Yes my comment is at you Cheesebuger... You are so quick to think you know the situation and the people involved. You need to know facts. The other man who according to is not a true victim is still fighting for his life. These are all people from a very small community who would never cause harm to others. Furthermore, do you know the roadway where this happened? Come drive it sometime.... Again my thoughts and prayers are with all the families, Cheeseburger who are you to think you should determine who is and is not a "true victim"???

3kidsandamom 7 years ago

Cheeseburger - If you want to define things, try judgemental? You are commenting on a situation that know very little about obviously, but those of us "closer" see all of the victims in this situation. I am not a personal friend of any of these victims, but I am obviously more compassionate and less judgemental than you.

anonymous11 7 years ago

It never fails to amaze me when someone gets behind the wheel drunk and brings about the deaths of innocent people, shatters the lives of their families and causes irreparable harm to so many others that THEY are considered the victim??

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