Lawrence native’s jewelry sales aid Japan relief

Earrings by WillieandLu at Etsy. com, 7.

Lawrence native Jill Yetman-Michaelson is among designers donating proceeds of their works to Japan relief efforts. Her work, including the Kansas University-themed earrings shown here, is available at through her store, WillieandLu.

Yetman-Michaelson, who lives with her family in Los Angeles, spends part of the year in Lawrence and has sold her jewelry at the Lawrence Arts Center, the Etc. Shop and the Bay Leaf. She graduated from Lawrence High School in 1985.

Since opening her Etsy shop in October 2009, Yetman-Michaelson has donated at least 20 percent of sale proceeds to different charities, including Doctors Without Borders (Haiti) and the Tri-State Bird Rescue for the Gulf oil spill. Right now charity recipients are the Red Cross and International Medical Corps for Japan.