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100 years ago: Early Lawrence electric company advertises household appliances

March 23, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Mar. 23, 1911:

"Mrs. Wiley's cooking school is going out in a veritable blaze of glory. This is the last day and each day has seen more people turned away than the day before. The only mistake that was made in this was the smallness of the hall. The large F. A. A. hall should have been secured. This would have accommodated all. Mrs. Wiley is a great teacher. She has a kind, motherly way about her that appeals to the women. They see her earnestness and listen attentively to what she has to say."

[Advertisement] "Let electricity do your work and lighting. Engage the electric household servants to do your work, they will do it better and cheaper than any other servants. Are the electric coffee percolator, toaster, chafing dish and other electric cooking utensils getting your meals for you? Is the electric vacuum cleaner doing your house cleaning? Have you given the electric washing machine and the electric iron your laundry work to do? Is the electric sewing machine motor doing your spring sewing? If you do not have these electric household servants you will find it to your advantage to give them a trial. Lawrence Railway & Light Co."


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