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100 years ago: KU chancellor announces himself in favor of ‘Votes for Women’ issue

March 17, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Mar. 17, 1911:

  • “‘If I were a praying man, I would pray that the next Kansas legislature might be composed of more women than men,’ was the startling statement made by Chancellor Strong in his chapel talk this morning. The student body was not anticipating any such radical enunciations from the usually conservative University head, and a thrill rippled over the audience, which brought students up in their seats to instant attention. ‘I hope women’s suffrage carries and I shall support it strongly,’ continued the chancellor. ‘Perhaps women in the legislature would realize the importance of the care of our educational institutions. If there had been some women in the legislature this year, perhaps there would have been less sacrifice of high education for the gratification of political ambition.’ His position on the suffrage question came as a distinct surprise to the students, and occasioned a mild sensation.”
  • “A runaway thrashing machine engine ran amuck on the Kaw bridge this afternoon, colliding with a wagon load of hay and stopping all traffic for an hour. The team nearly pulled the wagon off the bridge but were quieted in time to avoid a serious accident. The wagon and engine were so firmly interlocked, that traffic was blocked no the bridge for quite a time. Forty or fifty teams congregated on each side, waiting for an opportunity to cross.”
  • “The county commissioners commenced beautifying the court yard today. The old maples which have been gradually dying during the last two years are being cut out to make room for flowering shrubs. The prisoners in jail for bootlegging are being used to saw down the trees and later another squad will be brought out to plant the shrubs purchased by the commissioners.”


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