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Obama: No. 1 seeds will rule in NCAA Tournament

March 16, 2011


— March Madness is back at the White House, and President Barack Obama is picking the top seeds to advance to the Final Four.

For the third straight year, Obama has filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket for ESPN. He says Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Pittsburgh will make the men’s Final Four.

Obama predicts Baylor, UConn, Stanford and Tennessee will advance in the women’s tournament.

The president’s entire brackets, including his choices for national champions, will be revealed on ESPN on today,

The basketball-player-in-chief is 1-1 when it comes to college basketball’s national championship.

He correctly picked North Carolina to win in 2009. Last year, he went with Kansas, but Duke ended up taking home the trophy.


Corey Williams 6 years ago

What a joke. This is what they call a comment now? Why even make a comment. What's the point. I want the last two minutes of my life back.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

"Japan may be on the verge of an unprecedented catastrophe. Saudi Arabia is all but colonizing Bahrain. Qaddafi is close to retaking Libya, with bloodbath to follow. And, as Jim Geraghty notes, the president of the United States is going on ESPN to talk about the NCAA and delivering speeches today on his rather dull plan to replace No Child Left Behind with No Teenager Left Behind, or something like that. It’s hard to overstate how poorly Barack Obama is doing in the face of these crises — and I don’t even mean how he’s doing substantively, which is a scandal in itself. I mean how he’s doing politically. Recall how much hay Michael Moore made of the fact that George W. Bush read My Pet Goat for nine minutes in that Florida classroom on 9/11 after being informed that the first plane had struck. We’re going on four weeks now, or more, that Barack Obama has been reading My Pet Goat...."

Adrienne Sanders 6 years ago

How exactly would you like the president to fix Japan? Seriously, what do you think he can do about a radioactive meltdown? I'd say he might have slightly more sway in Bahrain or Libya, but not much! Really, if you have some productive suggestions I'd like to know what they are.

Jimo 6 years ago

"It’s hard to overstate how poorly Barack Obama is doing in the face of these crises."

Errrr....what? For a guy who professionalizes in making dumb-ass remarks, this one takes the cake.

BigPrune 6 years ago

Yes, the president has important "things" to do like avoiding his job and being lazy.

Hope he hasn't given KU the kiss of death by picking them the winner like last year.

BigPrune 6 years ago

Yes, the president has important "things" to do like avoiding his job and being lazy.

Hope he hasn't given KU the kiss of death by picking them the winner like last year

cato_the_elder 6 years ago

BigPrune, not to worry. With another election 19 months away, votes in Ohio make Ohio State a virtual lock with Pennsylvania votes making Pittsburg a dark horse. Bam doesn't have a chance of winning North Carolina or Kansas in 2012.

somedude20 6 years ago

Um, PA's "Pittsburg" is really Pittsburgh. Must not forget the H

cato_the_elder 6 years ago

Good call. Hadn't had my coffee yet.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

I (heart) thuja when he/she/it gets all harsh & stuff.

Grant_Runyun 6 years ago

I agree Obama's lack of leadership in the face of international crises is unforgivable. It's down-right unamerican to not jump in to every conflict that arises in the Mid East. As for Japan? Sending in the US Navy and making a comittent to provide "any assistance we can" is hardly a strong response. I won't be satisfied until he's on the ground handing out Iodine tablets. If there's one thing we need now more than ever it's escalated foreign intervention. Pray for Obama.

Grant_Runyun 6 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to mention how true the 9/11 analogy rings. Listen up Saudi Arabia, when you attack Bahrain, you attack American soil.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

I bet he takes a shower and defecates every day, too.

In the interest of efficiency, he should really confine these activities to once a week.

somedude20 6 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

douglas6280 6 years ago

Let's see the President wasn't going to sleep until all Americans who wanted a job had one. Does this include time filling out NCAA brackets and playing golf? Just wondering...

gphawk89 6 years ago

Picking the top seeds to be in the Final Four. How bold. Sounds like something that a second grader with a bit of understanding of the seeding process and no knowledge of the teams would do. The best thing that could happen now is all four #1 seeds getting bumped in the first round. Or at least three of the four. Go Hawks!

Ken Garner 6 years ago

Really? Give the guy a break, he has a bassetball Jones, he loves bassetball. He sleeps with a bassetball under his pillow. Who doesn't this time of year? Ha, that song is funny.

Liberty275 6 years ago

If he cared as much about Libya as tossing balls through hoops, the people another mideast country might be on the way to democracy instead of mass graves.

Grant_Runyun 6 years ago

OK, I was just being snarky earlier, but seriously: What do you think the President should do in regards to Libya?

Liberty275 6 years ago

Nothing now. Gaddafi has already won. He should have had aircradt carriers off the coast of Libya as soon as possible after the first hint of an uprising and imposed a no-fly zone 2 weeks ago.

Grant_Runyun 6 years ago

So you think it's good policy for the president to unilaterlally deploy troops to intervene at the first hint of civil unrest in a Mid Eastern country? I would have to disagree with that. Historically such action has turned out very bad for the US and the rest of the world. Look up Operation Ajax for a good empirical example of this.

Majestic42 6 years ago

"First hint?" I think Libya's just a little past a hint of unrest.

MyName 6 years ago

Well, I'd still take his picks over Dubya's, McCain's, or Palin's, but that's not saying much really.

Liberty275 6 years ago

Cool. So you would choose allowing one of our enemies to kill civilians that would prefer democracy over a dictatorship. You must be a left winger.

feeble 6 years ago

  1. Libya's spent billions on anti-air defense over the last 8 or so years. Engaging Libya in this manner would mean a protracted, hot air war.

Keep in mind, Desert Shield/Storm took months of logistical planning. You can't just snap your fingers and move a fighter or bomber wing from one continent to another.

If a military campaign against Libya were easy, NATO would already be there, considering the amount of Libyan crude consumed by it's European members.

  1. Who's going pay for a third Mideast war? Do you seriously see deficit hawks in DC approving massive new spending?

cato_the_elder 6 years ago

BigPrune, my bad. Looks like Bam picked KU again. He's full of surprises, the greatest of which remains his agreeing to the tax compromise last December.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

It's the Mope in Chief''s way of voting "present".

beatrice 6 years ago

I thought you already claimed above it was his way of reading My Pet Goat.

Of course, not jumping in and attacking other countries in conflict isn't exactly the same as sitting and reading to children after being told "The nation is under attack," now is it?

notajayhawk 6 years ago

Lotta' chalk there, Mr. president. All four one seeds going to the final four (with the top two seeds in the final)? When is the last time that happened? Two three seeds - and nothing higher - in the Elite eight? Two five seeds - and nothing higher - in the Sweet Sixteen? Did your secretary fill this out for you, or did you just throw it together in 10 seconds or less?

Majestic42 6 years ago

dang it. We're going to lose now.

notajayhawk 6 years ago

For all those who say KU is going to lose because the pres picked them, according to another story I read, he picked UNC two years ago because he had also picked them the year before and they lost. So, according to him, he picked KU this year because he believes picking a team two years in a row is the key.

yourworstnightmare 6 years ago

Picking the number 2 overall seed in the tournament to win it all is no big stretch. If KU makes it into the sweet 16, they will be the odds-on favorites to win it all in my mind.

America must ask itself: Are our president filling out their bracket?

sasquatch 6 years ago

We should give B a break. At least while he was filling out his brackets he wasn't busy thinking of ways to spend money the taxpayers don't have. But, then I guess he could have made a decision about a no fly zone in Libya. Guess he didn't have time for that either.

bisky1 6 years ago

you see a problem you bring in the people who are smart enough to deal with it if you are smart enough to deal with them

jonas_opines 6 years ago

I'd definitely prefer our president spend around the same time deciding his picks as deciding whether to invade a country.

/I mean really? It must be tough to have to be so derogatory about one person so continuously. It's like a 24 news cycle, this is what happens when they run out of new content.

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