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Man says he was beaten, robbed walking along 23rd Street

March 16, 2011


Police are searching for suspects after a 25-year-old man said he was beaten and robbed of his wallet early Wednesday while walking along 23rd Street near Ousdahl Road.

Lawrence police Capt. Paul Fellers said officers were called around 4:30 a.m. to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital emergency room to investigate after the man was brought there.

Fellers said the man told officers he was walking in the 1800 block of West 23rd Street when a vehicle drove close to him. He said he heard several people get out of the vehicle, and that at least two people had hit him with a blunt object and kicked him. The man said one person took his wallet.

The victim walked to a relative’s home nearby, where someone took him to the hospital. Fellers said the man was scheduled to be released from LMH after being treated.

Anyone who might have information in the case to call police at 832-7650 or Douglas County Crime Stoppers at 843-TIPS (8477).


devobrun 7 years ago

The only reasons for walking along "23rd Street near Ousdahl Road"@ 04:30 are:

You have a job at a doughnut shop. The Dunkin' is a long way east, You are depressed and anti-social or crazy.# You partied too long. Your girlfriend ejected you......... You just bought a lot of drugs and you didn't disappear. You just sold a lot of drugs and you didn't disappear.

Guess: Drugs.

If you are crazy, you have nothing of value.

*First law of drugs.......don't be somewhere. No one can find you. This was true in 1970 and is still the reality. Don't be where "they" can find you. You go to them, maybe.

DillonBarnes 7 years ago

Everyone awake at 4:30 AM is a drug dealer.

Dumb assumptions.

devobrun 7 years ago

Dillon, "everyone"? I think I just listed several possibilities not involving drugs. Then I guessed. You and bozo (below) should take a coupla classes in reading comprehension and logical thinking. I don't think my guess that it was drug related is dumb at all. It is a possibility. I think it is the most likely.

BigPrune 7 years ago

I don't understand why most people consider antisocial people as people who don't want to deal with other people when it really is the opposite of being "anti-social": Antisocial people have no remorse or empathy, are habitual liars, exhibit no boundaries with others, are manipulative, promiscuous, want to be the center of attention, extremely vindictive, and they are usually very attractive, etc. - a psychopath.

I was married to one, so I know a little about antisocial people, but the name doesn't fit. You'd think they would avoid others.

average 7 years ago

"If you are crazy, you have nothing of value."

True. But, you're asking a lot of logic, there, for drugged-heads at that time of night.

The one time I was jumped in Lawrence ('97, South Park, walking home, about 2am, somewhere in the anti-social end) I had about $4 in my pocket. Doesn't mean I didn't get jumped for it.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

Looks to me that you applied the same "logic" here that you apply elsewhere-- just jump to a conclusion that agrees with your ideological prejudices.

devobrun 7 years ago

Is a guess a conclusion, bozo? Or did you just elevate my musings to the level of a conclusion?

BrianR 7 years ago

You forgot: --Wake up at 3:00 every day and walk the dog before getting ready for work. Although, because I carry, the headline would read differently.

devobrun 7 years ago

The only grass near 23rd and Ousdahl is in someone's pocket. You walk the dog for the dog to do what? Poop in the grass? Probably not on 23rd street.

notanota 7 years ago

He could have worked a late shift at one of the restaurants and stayed to clean and restock, or he could have been walking to a morning shift as a prep cook. He could have been walking to or from Perkins or Dillons. He could have been walking to the nearby relative's house after quite legally drinking at a party rather than driving. He could have been kidnapped by aliens and deposited at a random location. It really doesn't matter.

Is it legal to walk on 23rd street at any time of day? Is it illegal to beat someone and steal their wallet?

Rather than blaming the victim by implying that there was something wrong about them walking on a well-lit public street, it might be better to focus on keeping that well-lit public street safer.

giveitback 7 years ago

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