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Remnant Rehab: Feathered headband festive for St. Patrick’s Day

March 14, 2011


This St. Patrick’s Day, wear your green on your head rather than on your sleeve. This feathered headband will keep you from getting pinched, and it’s perfectly festive for parade-going.




Embellishment, such as buttons, rhinestones, beads or sequins

Sew-in interfacing


Hole punch

Hot glue gun and glue


A headband with green feathers lends flair to a St. Patrick's day outfit.

A headband with green feathers lends flair to a St. Patrick's day outfit.


  1. Arrange feathers and embellishment until you find an arrangement you like. I used green feathers from a rummage sale, black feathers from a craft store and screenprinted wood I bought at a Ladies of Lawrence Artwork (LOLA) show from Early Jewelry. My arrangement has four long green feathers on the bottom, three shorter green feathers for the next layer, three small black feathers on top of that and two wooden circles to top it all off. For a more subtle look, you can use fewer feathers and make a narrower arrangement. On the feathers that had a shaft sticking below the feathery part, I cut that off.
  2. Cut a teardrop shape from the interfacing smaller than the shape of your arrangement. You want the feathers to stick off the edge about an inch over the top and a bit over the sides.
  3. Glue with hot glue along the shaft of each feather, first glueing the bottom layer to the interfacing and working up to the embellishment. I only glued about halfway up each spine so that the glue wouldn’t show. Once I had all the layers on, I glued the top and sides of the bottom layer to the interfacing where it wouldn’t show through the other layers.
  4. Cut out a long oval from the chipboard. I cut open a cereal box, then used a strip for the project and the rest for my hot glueing surface. The oval should be about an inch wide and half an inch shorter than the length of your interfacing. Mine is about 3 1/2 inches long. Punch three overlapping holes a quarter-inch from each end of the oval. This piece allows you to slip the piece on and off of a headband rather than attaching it permanently, because not every day is a feathered-headband kind of day.
  5. Glue the oval to the interfacing between the punched holes, with the bottom hole near the bottom of the interfacing.
  6. When the glue is set, slip the piece onto a headband and slip the headband on your head. Then head downtown for the Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day parade in style

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