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Kansas House cuts short debate on spending bill

March 14, 2011


— Kansas House leaders have cut short debate on a bill that could provide additional savings in the current state budget.

Monday's action sent the measure back to committee for more discussion.

Last week, Gov. Sam Brownback cut $56.5 million from the budget for the fiscal year that ends June 30. Lawmakers are looking to slice about $35 million in state spending.

House leaders used a rare procedure Monday to send the measure back to committee. The move spared the chamber from having to debate all 52 individual items in the bill.


Terry Schmidt 7 years, 2 months ago

Observing and opining from afar, this Kansan is embarrassed by the pathetic leadership of the right wing GOP power group. Our Governor would not recognize a high achieving public classroom if it was planted in front of him. Pair his pathetic leaderhip with that from the executive leadership of the Kansas Board of Regents - you have a real winner in the education circles of Kansas. How embarrassing - perhaps it will be too late for our children, grandchildren, and others. God help us.

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