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Man in downtown car chase given felony charge

Spike strips were required to apprehend a motorist that led Lawrence police officers in a pursuit near downtown Lawrence early Wednesday morning.

March 9, 2011, 4:34 a.m. Updated March 9, 2011, 7:07 p.m.


Ryan W. Masquas

Ryan W. Masquas

Lawrence police used spike strips to help apprehend a Lawrence man who led officers in a pursuit near downtown just after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Douglas County prosecutors filed a felony charge of attempting to elude officers plus four misdemeanor charges, including DUI and battery of a law enforcement officer against Ryan W. Masquas, 21.

Sgt. Damon Thomas said officers responded to a disturbance at Haskell Indian Nations University about 3 a.m. When officers arrived, a male driver fled in a car.

Officers chased the car down Massachusetts Street, in the area of the Kansas University campus and through Oread neighborhood before deploying spike strips, Thomas said.

After hitting the spike strips, the car went into West Hills apartment complex in the 1000 block of Emery Road where the driver fled the vehicle. Officers apprehended Masquas after a short foot chase.

Thomas said no one was injured during the chase. A judge Wednesday set Masquas’ bond at $4,000 cash or surety and scheduled a hearing for March 16.


crazy88s 7 years ago

I saw the end of the chase and in all honestly if this guy hadn't stopped running purposely, those tubby police officers would have never caught up with him!

Tim Quest 7 years ago

No, some of them are fat. I am friends with a couple chain-smoking, hard-drinking Lawrence cops and I can assure you that they could not outrun much of anyone. Thanks for keeping us safe/going into harm's way/all that jazz, but let's be honest here.

sulliedotcom 7 years ago

I don't think they were making a stereotype. Just stating a fact.

Stuart Evans 7 years ago

even though a third of the population is now considered overweight, heavier people will never enjoy any protection from abusive speech. It's not something that should be dictated by government, it's something that society as a whole needs to better understand. the constant kicks at self esteem often further fuel the issues that lead to obesity.

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

Those are the minority. Much like the "negative nancy", bad-mouthing disgruntled Lawrencians who constantly complain on the LJWorld. Those people are the "minority" in Lawrence too, but you can't help but notice them. Mostly because they scream, cry, and moan the most.

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

Those are the minority. Much like the "negative nancy", bad-mouthing disgruntled Lawrencians who constantly complain on the LJWorld. Those people are the "minority" in Lawrence too, but you can't help but notice them. Mostly because they scream, cry, and moan the most.

crazy88s 7 years ago

I can outrun radio waves, I am Superman. Those tubby cops however, they could outrun a turtle.

kansasfire911 7 years ago

It doesn't matter because no one can out run 300 feet per second.

crazy88s 7 years ago

oh and consumer1 since you asked about my physique.

I'm 5'9. FLAWLESS six pack. We're not talking about barely there six pack, we're talk HARD as a rocks 6 pack.

My face - serious yet elegant. My hair- beautiful head of gold hair that cascades around my shoulders. Women usually describe me as tall, BEAUTIFUL, and handsome.

I often wear vests with no shirt underneath.

jiminkansas 7 years ago

I think I saw you at the Walmarts!

horseshoehalo1 7 years ago

They all get caught in the end, tubby officer or not.

Kris_H 7 years ago

Does Lawrence have K-9 officers? That's who you really won't get away from, no matter how fast you are. Sniff sniff, bark bark, bite bite.

If he hadn't been caught right then they still probably knew who he was or could easily find out, so it would only have been a matter of time. Or he would do something else stupid and call attention to himself again.

horseshoehalo1 7 years ago

The douglas county sheriff's have the k9 units.

FlintlockRifle 7 years ago

Spike strips ah, just like on TV, great job fellows

jessanddaron 7 years ago

Does anyone know where he was picked up? A squad car stopped at the top of 10th and Arkansas, cut his sirens off and then drove away five minutes later as if he had stopped to do something...

rousseau108 7 years ago

Right, it's ego that causes LPD to enforce the laws and do its job by responding to calls for service and handling the problems no one else wants. I suppose you think they should just kindly ask people to stop and then not do anything when people run.

Isaias Shannon 7 years ago

Wait, how could this be? Haskell has a big sign right at the entrance stating that it is a "Drug and Alcohol Free School Zone"...surely drunk driver could not be on campus!

squarepusher 7 years ago

Ok, no. This statement is leading and not relevant to the subject. Bailiff!

CloveK 7 years ago

Heard the chase for a while leading up to the take down. Sounded like 3 cruisers and with 6 cops on the scene that would be close.

The suspect was stopped in the court yard of west hills. Heard the sirens, shouting, then a pop-crackle-crackle. He stopped running after the tazer hit him.

All and all an exciting thing to wake up to and witness at 3am. He dropped to his knees and was arrested after taking the tazer. Cops here weren't "tubby" but rather bulky. Hardly flexing their muscles either. Glad no one was hurt.

hujiko 7 years ago

inb4 tuschie and everyone being called 'rascists'

RoeDapple 7 years ago

No Escort or couch involved? Boring . . .

squarepusher 7 years ago

They raced by my place at 3:20am. Heard suspect and 5 cruisers speed by. I thought the suspect was going for I-70 at first until I turned on the scanner. Pretty intense listen.

wdl 7 years ago

For all of those who have distain for the cops (and it just below the surface of some of the comments here) here is a thought for the day. The next time you get into a jam and need some help call a criminal not the police.

Food_for_Thought 7 years ago

Other than yourself and the Neighbors family, who else says this? Put your money where your mouth is.

skinny 7 years ago

You know Smitty, when an Officer tells you to drop the knife you'd best be paying attention to what the Officer has told you. Pretty simple instructions if you ask me!

Boardman did as he was trained to do, end of story!

Kyle Chandler 7 years ago

yes...'distain' LOL

and while im still trying to make sense of your post, The so called 'criminal' would probably behave in a more ethical fashion 9 times out of 10. Remember, just because someone wears a badge doesn't mean you are immediately excluded from

A. Being a criminal B. Being an imperfect person

don't be so naive

Scott Morgan 7 years ago

wdl, I sensed the same thing, it's either a lingering distrust of police, or they have been arrested.

I will pass on chasing a drunk adrenaline fueled criminal while wearing 25 lbs? of gear.

jessanddaron 7 years ago

Just like any group, there are good ones and bad ones. Can't lump them all together. I saw the cars chase down Arkansas and thought something was up...

wdl 7 years ago

Its always interesting to see who responds to the comment above. It is usually people who can't seem to make up their minds which side of the law they are on. As far as being naive, really!

If you were setting at a blackjack table, would double down on that bet Chandler? I know where my bet would be. I have been the dealer and the player so you can put naive where it belongs.

squarepusher 7 years ago

Just realized there was a video attached to this. I was expecting some action. (no offense tow truck operator, your performance was stellar!)

sissezz 7 years ago

Lol.... i love crazy88s post.... add to it, funny

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