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KU basketball’s Tyrel Reed still hampered by left foot injury

Kansas head coach Bill Self discussed junior Marcus Morris winning Big 12 Player of the Year honors and the team's mindset heading into the conference tournament at his weekly press conference Monday, March 7, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse.

March 8, 2011


Quiet, unassuming Tyrel Reed screamed and appeared to yell something in the direction of Missouri’s student cheering section, The Antlers, after hitting a late three-pointer in Saturday’s 70-66 victory at Mizzou Arena.

What did Kansas University’s senior guard say to the fans?

“Just screaming,” Reed said. “I’m not smart enough to think on the fly like that. I’m just happy I made the shot,” he added of one that stretched a four-point KU lead to seven with 1:05 left.

“It’s just Missouri fans. They are going to be on you and try to get under your skin, have all the funny signs and say funny things, but it’s just fun playing over there. I appreciate the atmosphere,” Reed added.

He insists he was screaming in joy, not pain.

Coach Bill Self revealed Monday that Reed only practices the day before games because of his lingering left foot injury that will require surgery after the season.

“He may shoot two days before a game. He’s not going to be allowed to do too much more than that,” Self said.

“He has basically a bad heel where there’s a piece of bone in there giving him some problems. It’s no big deal, but it’s enough to bug you, the equivalent to having an ankle sprain or something like that.”

Self said Reed has played with the injury in several quick-turnaround Saturday-Monday games, so he doubts Reed's minutes will be cut at this week’s Big 12 tournament.

“We’ll play it by ear (if KU advances past Thursday’s opener against either Nebraska or Oklahoma State, 11:30 a.m., Sprint Center),” Self said. “I am not going to do anything this weekend that would jeopardize his health the following week.”

Reed said the injury “is painful, but obviously, I can play on it. I’ll be fine.”

Like Self, he didn’t delve into too many of the specifics.

“I’ve just got a messed up foot, pretty much,” Reed said. “I’ve dealt with pain before. I’m willing to do it again. I don’t think it affects the way I play. I get my adrenaline flowing, and I’m OK. I never was the quickest guy. I’ve just got to be smarter out there and find ways to be effective.”

Reed wishes he could practice every day.

“I want to be out there with the guys, but I understand that if I practice a whole lot, I’m not going to be able to play in the games,” he said.

Self said freshman guard Josh Selby, who has a stress reaction in his right foot, wears a brace on the foot that wraps all the way around and totally immobilizes the foot.

“He can’t cut, move like he wants to move,” Self said. “It’s one of those things you’ve got to adjust and play with it, but he’s not moving 100 percent by any stretch. I do think his health has messed with him. He’s gone through a period of time that his body couldn’t react to what his brain told him to do. That would be frustrating for anybody.

“Josh is playing through it, too. Nobody can fault Josh’s toughness. The kid is out there fighting.”

Self believes Selby, who does practice every day, can contribute big-time the rest of this season.

“He has to see the ball go in the basket. He has to go make some plays,” Self said. “It’s a hard time of the year to let guys play through mistakes, though. Your whole teams works their butt off to get in this position, and now one possession or two possessions are the difference in winning and losing, so there’s not time to play through mistakes.

“He has practiced well. He can still be a guy for us this year that is the Sasha Kaun of the Elite Eight (vs. Davidson), the Cole Aldrich of a Final Four game (vs. North Carolina), a guy that comes out and gets 15 or 18 when we are struggling.”

Manning services

Funeral services for former Kansas University assistant coach Ed Manning, the father of Jayhawk assistant coach Danny Manning, will be at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Lucas Funeral Home, 137 East Hill, Keller, Texas, 76028.

In lieu of flowers, the family would like to request that donations be made in his name to the LMH Endowment Association, Cardiac Services, 325 Maine Street, Lawrence, 66044.

Danny Manning will attend the funeral and be back in time for Thursday’s Big 12 tournament game against either Oklahoma State or Nebraska (11:30 a.m., Sprint Center, Kansas City). KU’s players and coaches will not be able to attend the funeral.

Player of Year

Marcus Morris, who was named player of the year in the Big 12 by the league coaches Sunday, could be accorded the same honor by the AP today.

“I’m happy for him. I’m proud of him. I never make a big deal out of individual awards. We will make a big deal out of it today (at practice),” Self said.

Good defense

Self said guard Elijah Johnson has come so far in the last month, he “has become our best on-the-ball defender. His positioning is best, stance is the best. He’s getting confidence as he plays on.”

Knight out

Self said on his Hawk Talk radio show he spoke with Texas Tech coach Pat Knight on Monday afternoon. Knight was told he was out as Red Raider coach following the Big 12 tournament.

“I like Pat a lot and his staff a lot,” Self said. “They are good people, They try real hard. I feel badly for Pat and his staff. I hope they go play really hard (at Big 12s).”

This week

Competitive Marcus Morris would like KU to get a chance to avenge its two losses in the upcoming Big 12 tourney.

“If we win the first game and K-State wins (over Colorado or Iowa State), we’d get that rematch (in semis),” Morris said. “If we win that game, I’m hoping Texas wins so we get that rematch. I think it’d be one of the best games we play all year because we’d be so ready to play after what happened the first game (losing in Lawrence). K-State the same way. I felt we overlooked those guys, and they are getting better. Those would be two quality wins we need going into the (NCAA) Tournament. I think we need those games.”


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