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Mass St. Chic: Pair floral dresses with edgier accessories

March 7, 2011


Anxious for springtime, green leaves and shoes without socks? Thankfully, we are almost there! Break out your brightest toenail polish and revisit your favorite spring accessories. Revamp last year’s wardrobe, utilizing key pieces that already call your closet home. Read on for a few spring outfit ideas to wear right now — style them using items of your own or pick out similar clothing items during your own spring shopping trip!

Country-Club Chic:

Pull out your monochrome tops, pants and skirts to piece together a colorful spring outfit. Mix and match nautical stripes and bold primaries, and don’t hesitate to wear two bright colors together (a basic red pencil skirt and a deep navy blouse, for example). Stick to clothing with simple, traditional silhouettes to achieve this look overall; however, keep in mind items with detailed stitching or subtle but unique buttons. Accents on seemingly basic apparel add dimension, texture and intrigue to your outfits, even if the detail has been created in the same hue as the whole garment. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the colors, achieve a similar, classic look by inserting white or black clothing or accessories between doses of color. This use of color blocking is still traditional and equally bold.

Bahama Mama:

If you’re particularly sick of all this grey and cloudy weather, turn the forecast right around with a wardrobe ready for a tropical getaway. Think bright, sunny clothing and island-inspired prints, oversized flowers and citrus fruits. Pair together pieces in shades of hot pink, purple, tangerine, palm-tree green and sunset yellow for a brilliant, beach-inspired style — but don’t sacrifice the shape of your outfit either. Keep the look feminine with flattering silhouettes, like cinched-waist dresses or soft, sarong-like skirts. Add retro accessories, like cat-eye glasses and stacked, wooden platforms, to complete this look.

Tea Party Princess:

This outfit requires one of my all-time favorite wardrobe essentials, a floral-print dress. Soft, floral-print dresses are decidedly feminine and fresh, inserting the perfect dose of spring into any waning winter season. For the most modern look, opt for floral dresses of lighter, pastel patterns, brighter, golden prints, or flowing, painterly prints. Because of the classic cut of most floral dresses, bright and bold floral prints tend to look more retro. And even though a good floral dress speaks very pleasantly by itself, do add a few individual accessories to personalize your outfit. For a feminine take, throw on some peep-toe pumps and add definition to your waist with a crisp white belt. Or for an edgier style, pair your floral dress with ankle boots or lace-up military-style boots.

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