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25 years ago: Gas prices dropping dramatically

March 7, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Mar. 7, 1986:

  • Gas prices were dropping visibly for Lawrence motorists. Prices at several service stations, which had been around 80 cents a gallon, had dropped into the 70s. Some stations had dropped prices as much as seven cents in one day.
  • After nearly two hours of debate, the Kansas Senate had passed a bill mandating that Kansas motorists riding in the front seat had to wear seat belts or pay a $25 fine. The bill, which had passed 22-18, was now headed for the House. Opponents objected to “government intervention” in the lives of private citizens, and one senator became very irate, asking if the state should outlaw cigarettes and require residents to take first-aid courses “just because it’s good for them.”


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