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100 years ago: Young copper thieves rob railroad car

March 4, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Mar. 4, 1911:

  • "Four youthful car thieves were taken in to custody yesterday on a charge of robbing a Santa Fe freight car of a roll of copper wire. The robbery was committed Thursday night, and in less than twenty-four hours, the offenders were behind the bars of the county jail."
  • "Within a week Baker University expects to receive a gift of $125,000. To a denominational school, dependent entirely for support upon contributions to its endowment fund, a gift of $125,000 is no small sum. It will place Baker among the richest endowed colleges of the Missouri Valley. Baker university was established in 1858, and is the oldest college in Kansas. It has an enrollment of slightly less than 1,000 students. The first class graduated in 1866, and all its members are living."
  • "'It's funny,' said A. D. Weaver, who has just returned from an eleven days' trip to the market in Chicago, 'how some people think that these marketing trips are pleasure excursions. The 10 or 11 days I spend each time I go to buy goods are the hardest of the whole year to me.' An unusually fine and an extra large lot of goods was purchased by Mr. Weaver and Mr. Decker on the trip. The unusual quantity being accounted for by reasons they do not wish to disclose at the present."


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years, 3 months ago

"Baker university was established in 1858, and is the oldest college in Kansas."

Highland was founded the same year, and also claims to be the oldest. Anyone know which one truly is the oldest?

Sarah St. John 7 years, 3 months ago

According to Wikipedia, Highland University dated back to 1837, and its "descendant," Highland Community College, traces its roots to Highland University, thus claiming its "oldest in Kansas" status. Maybe Baker could be the oldest university and HCC the oldest college? It's hard to decide when schools change into other schools. Blue Mont Central College (1858) was the precursor to Kansas State, so we need to include them too!

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