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100 years ago: Kansas passes new prison-labor law

March 3, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Mar. 3, 1911:

  • “Under the provisions of the prison labor bill passed yesterday, prisoners in county jails can be shackled and worked on the streets. They can even be sent to the penitentiary and farmed out to the warden there under contract. The bill is drastic and will probably prove more efficacious in discouraging the bootlegging traffic in Lawrence, than the appointment of an assistant attorney general here.”
  • “Sailing gracefully off across the cleared plots at Woodland park, dipping in long undulating arcs, the describing half circles to show his perfect control of his machine, Aviator Evans made the first sustained aerial flights ever witnessed in Lawrence this afternoon under perfect weather conditions and in the presence of a large crowd.”
  • “Supt. Herbert H. Fiske, head of Haskell Institute, has resigned and will be relieved here on April 1. His successor has been appointed but his identity is unknown at Haskell today. He is expected to arrive from Washington within ten days.”
  • “In Washington, the last possibility that Robert E. Peary would receive at this session of Congress, congressional recognition of his discovery of the North Pole vanished today when Senator Perkins, by a point of order, blocked the attempt of Senator Crane to have Peary’s promotion provided for by an amendment to the Naval appropriation bill.”


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