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Annual Douglas County CASA fundraiser includes opportunity to win playhouse, attend celebration

June 21, 2011


Douglas County Court Appointed Special Advocates is in the middle of its Casa for CASA tour.

During the event, a playhouse will be on tour at several Lawrence locations. Opportunities to win the playhouse can be purchased for $2 online at, at the Merc, 901 Iowa, or the CASA office, 1009 N.H., Suite B.

The event will culminate with the 20th annual CASA Playhouse Celebration from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. July 16 at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 N.H.

Tickets for the event are $40, and may be purchased using the donation tab at the Douglas County CASA’s website:

The event will feature food, drinks and a silent auction featuring smaller houses called “casitas” made by a number of different volunteers, including 20 college women from all across the world participating in a KU program called “Women’s Civic Leadership from the Heartland.”

All proceeds benefit Douglas County CASA’s services for abused and neglected children.


BruceWayne 6 years, 9 months ago

will there be live music at this event?

David Dunlap 6 years, 9 months ago

A 60's to 80's rock cover band Thundercat is performing live. You may have read the band's interview on Monday by Jules.

Alceste 6 years, 9 months ago

CASA is NOT what it appears or states to be. It's more like the Grandma in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

●Throughout the country, local CASA chapters continue to state or imply that they are “a child’s voice” in court. They are not. A CASA advocates for whatever the CASA thinks is best for the child. So if the child desperately wants to go home, but the CASA thinks that’s a bad idea, the CASA pushes as hard as she can against what the child wants; the child effectively is silenced. (While it is much less likely to happen, if a child wants to stay in foster care and the CASA wants the child to return home, again, the child is silenced – and that is equally wrong.)

Children do need a voice in court – a real one. From the age a child is old enough to express a rational preference she or he should get a lawyer to fight for that preference. That doesn’t mean children always should get what they want. But the best way to find out what truly is best for a child is if everyone has an articulate advocate making his or her case. Deciding what is best is what we pay judges for. It’s time we stopped ceding that role to amateurs.

CASA is one of the larger fronts as it is a GIANT aspect of the problem with respect to the distorted "Court" system, families, children, removals, foster care, etc. CASA ain't no panacea and has been allowed to grow and mutate to the point of obscenity. LOTS of Jim Jones like Kool-Aid being drunk around these here parts. Read the truth about CASA and what a joke of an operation it is here: (if you dare, download AND READ the complete report here: , bearing in mind this report is one that was ordained by CASA itself and then BURIED because CASA didn't like what was found.... )

Here are some basic "bullet points" to wet your whistle: an evaluation commissioned by the National CASA Association itself. As Youth Today noted, the report “delivers some surprisingly damning numbers.”

●The study found that CASA’s only real accomplishments were to prolong the time children languished in foster care and reduce the chance that the child will be placed with relatives.

●The study found no evidence that having a CASA on the case does anything to improve child safety – so all that extra foster care is for nothing. (The study specifically controlled for CASA’s all purpose excuse for this – the claim that CASAs handle the most difficult cases.)

●The study also found that when a CASA is assigned to a child who is Black, the CASA spends, on average, significantly less time on the case. (The study also found that CASAs don’t spend as much time on cases in general as the organization’s p.r. might lead one to believe. CASA volunteers reported spending an average of only 4.3 hours per month on cases involving white children, and only 2.67 hours per month on cases involving Black children). (Continued below):

Alceste 6 years, 9 months ago


Rather than respond to the findings of its own study by cleaning up its act, CASA tried first to spin the results and then to bury them. Youth Today concluded that CASA’s spin “can border on duplicity.”

In short, CASA is one more thumb tilting the scales of justice against families.

Alceste 6 years, 9 months ago

CASA: Past behavior IS a predictor of future behavior:

This story is about the CASA chapter in Arkansas City, Kansas, about an hour from Wichita. Every year, their big annual fundraiser is the Men in Tights drag queen contest. No problem there. This year, the winner was the mayor of Arkansas City, Mel Kuhn. He won both the talent competition and the overall Miss CASA title. Still no problem, it's not as if they played favorites and gave him the prize just because he's the mayor.

The problem is the costume that won Mayor Kuhn the coveted Miss CASA title: He dressed up as a woman he named "Smellishis Pn." The "surname" is, in the words of the Arkansas City Traveler "graphic slang for a female private part." So is the name the mayor chose for his back up dancers. They were called the "Red Hot Pnt**gs." Oh, and one more thing: The mayor did his act made up in blackface.

The mayor initially defended his performance. "All this PC is b-------," the mayor/Miss CASA said. "We go around walking on eggshells all the time, we don't get anything done." But after a meeting with officials of the Wichita Branch of the NAACP, the Mayor/Miss CASA changed his mind and offered what sounds like a sincere apology.

From CASA, however, there has been only one of those non-apology apologies, with the executive director of the Arkansas City CASA program, who earlier gave the mayor's performance rave reviews, later telling The Wichita Eagle that "We're sorry that anyone was offended at this show."

But the Mayor/Miss CASA says the local CASA chapter knew exactly what he planned to do beforehand. According to the Traveler:

He said he ran everything he planned by CASA officials, and that the audience found it all hilarious. "I didn't spring anything on anybody, he said.

After the performance, the local CASA executive director, Linda Groth, did say she was "mortified" by the name the Mayor chose – after a reporter told her what "poon" meant. But other than that, she thought the performance was just fine. She told a local website, The News Cow, (because Arkansas City is in Cowley County, that's why):

"The part of his act I felt was excellent was the dancing. It was good dancing. The back-up singers were gorgeous and could probably back up any professional. It was a pretty professional little act. The audience loved it. The judges must have liked it. We may change some things. We may not. We certainly don't want to offend anybody."

It's unfortunate that anyone is upset. Kuhn wanted to put on a good show and worked hard, according to Groth. Other people saw the program but no one commented on his character's name. (Continued):

Alceste 6 years, 9 months ago


As for the blackface, Groth told the Traveler she didn't think the mayor was trying to portray a different race: "It wasn't black black," she said. "It was all really just tan." (Readers can judge for themselves by having a look at the photos here and here. )

Groth went on to give the Mayor/Miss CASA another rave review, praising all the time Kuhn took to prepare and noting that "the judges and the audience in general seemed very impressed."

Most of the criticism has been directed at the mayor. But that misses the point. The real issue is this: How much harm is being done to impoverished children, especially minority children, by placing their fate in the hands of people who can watch a man dress up in blackface under the name of Smellishis Poon – and see no problem with any of it? What kind of child welfare system lets such astonishingly insensitive white people sit in judgment of overwhelmingly poor disproportionately black families? And where was the National CASA Association while all this is going on? I am aware of no condemnation of the Arkansas City chapter by the national group; certainly there is nothing on National CASA's website about it. Perhaps they don't know about it, though it happened a month ago.

It's all right here:

Gosh, the local Lawrence CASA wasn't the least bit concerned about this manner of behavior? Incredible. It's for the children. Uh huh....and Sam Brownback is going to create jobs in Kansas for Kansans.

Alceste 6 years, 9 months ago

"All proceeds benefit Douglas County CASA’s services for abused and neglected children."

The above quote from the article is a JOKE: How much money are the "staff" paid? Incredible.

The inability (or refusal) to see the forest for the trees in the child abuse and neglect arena is beyond obscene.

Once removed from the family home, children langquish in a bankrupt, corrupt, and unctuous system that only serves to further abuse them. The fact CASA makes no replies to the FACTS that are presented here, speaks for itself.

Go to this CASA event; feel all warm and fuzzy; BUT, know you're serving no one but yourself. The Court system which families confront is adverserial and specious. It is not set up "for the children". It is set up for all the people and industries who make money off the backs of problemed families and abused children.

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