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100 years ago: Rabies scare in Lawrence results in canine restrictions

June 21, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 21, 1911:

  • "Now that you have paid Fido's tax you may have to put out a little more to buy him a muzzle or you may not be able to keep him now. Lawrence dogs will not mind this, however, as they became acquainted with the muzzle a couple of years ago during the mad dog scare of that time.... A state wide quarantine on dogs has been ordered by the State Board of Health.... A quarantine order means that all loose dogs in the state must be muzzled and that all dogs must either be tied up, shut up or muzzled. The quarantine is to run for ninety days. The prevalence of rabies is the reason for the order. Scarcely a day passes that a report is not received by the Board of Health that some person has been bitten by a rabid dog. Dr. S. J. Crumbine says there are now twenty people from Kansas taking Pasteur treatment in sanitariums because of fear of rabies."
  • "This morning when H. W. Hilcock got up and started to dress he could not find his trousers where he had left them in his room, and in fact he has not found them yet. Further investigation proved that they had been stolen along with $40 in money and a gold watch and chain. Mr. Hilcock is a conductor on the Lawrence street car line and $10 of this money belonged to the car company; the rest represents the savings of Mr. Hilcock. Entrance was gained to the house by opening a screen on the porch. Mr. Hilcock gave a description of his watch and it will be sent to neighboring places and a man who attempts to dispose of it will be running the risk of being caught."
  • "George Higgins, teacher of the school of Colby, Kansas, was beheaded and instantly killed today when he rode a motorcycle into a barbed wire stretched across a country road near Colby. Charles Quick, former county attorney, riding with Higgins, was seriously hurt."


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