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100 years ago: New law orders theaters to keep aisles clear

June 20, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 20, 1911:

  • “Four young men from the Merchants National Bank are having a vacation trip each night this summer. Everet Corey, Monte Harris, F. C. Whipple and Will Hudson have a cabin on the river and every night after banking hours they paddle up there and spend the night. The boys have plenty to eat such as they can prepare themselves and fish that they can catch in the river. Some of them are not poor fishermen either, judging from the stories they have to tell in the morning on the return. They will spend their night at the camp all summer and are having great times of it.”
  • “At a special meeting of the city council held Saturday evening an ordinance was passed making it unlawful for any person having charge of an opera house, theater, moving picture show, or other place where public entertainments are given to allow persons to stand in the aisles or lobby while the performance is going on. This ordinance is intended to remove the danger resulting from crowding the aisles so that in case of accident or fire persons in such buildings would be unable to get out and loss of life would follow.”


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