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100 years ago: Crackdown on speeders leads to safer streets

June 17, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 17, 1911:

  • “Since the action taken by Mayor Bishop and the city council at its meeting last Monday night, there has been a marked difference in the rate of speed indulged in by various auto drivers and motormen about the public streets of the city. With the speed limit fixed at eight miles an hour, many drivers have been in the habit of traveling at more than double this rate which resulted in much complaint being made against them.”
  • “Lawrence is on the verge of a water famine. The dry weather has caused so much water to be used that the supply is on the ragged edge. Unless relief comes from rain soon we will be confronted with a delicate and harassing situation.”
  • “WATCH HOW THEY DO IT. -- The Antics of Disease Pests Will be Shown upon Screen Tonight. -- Those who have wondered just how it could be possible for the innocent appearing little housefly to carry disease, may learn just how it is done, if they will attend the free lecture given in Snow Hall tonight. The pictures thrown upon the screen will be a sort of ‘From Cradle to the Grave’ series of the fly and other disease spreading pests and it will be shown just how the fly carries on his domestic duties from morn till night, how he takes his recreation and what part he plays in human ills.”


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