Well, well, well: Chrissie Wellington rallies for Kansas three-peat

Chrissie Wellington raises an Ironman banner over her head after winning the female professional division of the Kansas Ironman Triathlon Sunday June 12, 2011 at Clinton State Park.. The victory marked Wellington’s third in a row at the triathlon.

Chrissie Wellington raises an Ironman banner over her head after winning the female professional division of the Kansas Ironman Triathlon Sunday June 12, 2011 at Clinton State Park.. The victory marked Wellington’s third in a row at the triathlon.

June 13, 2011


2011 Ironman 70. 3 Kansas

Announcer Dave Raggs discusses the Ironman 70.3 Kansas at Clinton Lake. About 1,500 people attended the race Sunday June 12, 2011. Enlarge video

In her first two victories at the K-Swiss Ironman 70.3 Kansas at Clinton State Park, professional triathlete Chrissie Wellington never trailed after the second stage, the 56-mile bike ride.

Sunday, as Wellington headed into the transition between the bike ride and the 13.1-mile run, she trailed fellow professional Leanda Cave by about three minutes.

Wellington racked her bike and tried to put on her running socks, but they didn’t slip on easily. She also banged her head as she jumped up to start her run.

“When you’re fumbling around, it seems to take absolutely forever,” said Wellington, the women’s world record holder at the full Ironman distance.

But Wellington, originally from England, torched the running stage, winning her third consecutive Ironman 70.3 Kansas women’s title.

She finished in four hours, 11 minutes, eight seconds, about four minutes faster than Cave.

“She really did give me a race,” Wellington said. “I think we got the best out of each other, which is what racing is all about.”

Paul “Barney” Matthews from Australia won the men’s pro race in 3:49:44, six minutes faster than runner-up David Kahn.

Matthews competed in a half-Ironman just last weekend, but he said he likes the quick turnaround.

“Last week was a bit of a warm-up,” Matthews said. “I usually race better the second weekend. I felt better than last weekend.”

Both champions said the course was difficult Sunday, especially because of the strong winds on the hilly bike course. The weather forecast predicted storms, but nothing really generated on the overcast morning.

Wellington’s time was a little more than three minutes slower than last year. She revealed that she prepared for this year’s race with a broken rib.

She didn’t show any pain throughout the race, flashing a big smile and waving whenever fans cheered for her.

“I tried to switch the pain off and just focus on what I could do rather than the pain that my rib was giving me,” Wellington said.

The race in Lawrence has become a regular stop for Wellington, and now coming to Lawrence and running on the faux yellow brick road at the finish line feels like coming home.

“I leave part of my heart in Lawrence every time I leave, so it’s nice to come back,” Wellington said.

Curt Chesney, 42, from Boulder, Colo., was the fastest non-professional male finisher, conquering the course in 4:09:51.

The fastest non-professional female finisher was Lauren Capone, a 23-year-old waitress from Santa Barbara, Calif. Capone finished in 4:38:26.


Joe Berns 6 years, 9 months ago

Glad everyone had a good time..

oh, except for anyone who actually wanted to use the lake this weekend. We put in at the furthest boat ramp on the northwest side because the wind is typically less there and there are less noobs who tie up the boat ramps. Couldn't do it this weekend or anywhere on the north side of the lake except for the marina ramp which was too busy. Total bummer for the whole family who wanted to get out on the lake on this beautiful weekend and we couldn't because of some stupid ass race that takes over the north side of the lake. I talked to several people who were pretty mad about the entire ironman issue.

whats_going_on 6 years, 9 months ago

Oh weekend out of the whole summer/fall and you have to whine about it? This race brings a lot of attention and revenue to this town, not to mention world famous athletes and those who are working hard to accomplish their goals and stay fit. I can't believe (well, I take it back, this is LJ online...) that you (and I imagine others) are so dang selfish. There are tons of lakes around here, if it's SO important, go to another one, or find something else to do...have a block party, go to the pool, etc etc. It wasn't that nice of a "lake" weekend anyway...chilly and rainy. You have an entire summer to enjoy the hot summer on the lake. Good LORD.

Joe Berns 6 years, 9 months ago

Well, yeah, I am going to whine about it. It might only be one weekend to you, but there are but a small handful of available weekends that we can spend time at the lake with scout camps, weddings, baseball games, and other in and out of town things already scheduled. Our family was looking forward to spending some time out at the lake this weekend and it was a major letdown. We had about 4 hours to spend and we boat at Clinton because we live in Lawrence and keep our boat in dry storage at the marina. I could see them shutting down one ramp, but all of them along the north side? Ridiculous. I pay a fee to park and use the ramps year around and to be told we couldn't was a letdown. So yeah, I'm the selfish one for expecting to be able to use something I pay money for.. I'm the bad guy, ok. Tell that to my kids who just wanted to get on the boat and enjoy the water for the first time this year. Swimming in a pool or having a "block party" lol just isn't the same.

tecuani 6 years, 9 months ago

._>/^< | ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '|__ | WAMBULANCE - | i<< I__|I ..""(@)"""""""""(@)"............

Brock Masters 6 years, 9 months ago

it is one thing to be disappointed about not being able to boat and another thing to express hostile comments toward the race.

It is not a stupid race, but a premier event that brings lots of international and national talent to Lawrence and positive attention to the city and state so I wouldn't classify it as a "stupid ass" race, but then again I don't boat.

Sean Livingstone 6 years, 9 months ago


| | |Whining Machines for |Refusing to share the lake |Maybe you should you get your |Own Lake at home \

@@ @@

tawanda93 6 years, 9 months ago

Hey Paul85, I am so glad that you are glad that we enjoyed our one weekend a year out at beautiful Clinton Lake! That is so generous of you :) Have a great summer friend!!

trymeone35 6 years, 9 months ago

how do you get in contact with the group 100 good woman?

gstamper 6 years, 9 months ago

A special thank you to the community of Lawrence. Other than football games, I hadn't spent a dime in Kansas until Ironman put a race there. My wife and I have traveled for each race and a "practice weekend" each of the last three years. Love the Oread and Free State Brewery. I know we contribute to the local economy as do the other triathletes you host. Keep up the good works. Hate to say it, but we love your town. M-I-Z

tecuani 6 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for coming out gstamper! We had a blast volunteering for our 4th straight year.

The city of Lawrence is missing out by not embracing this event more. There is so much potential to bring even more business down town by doing another event on Mass like they did a few years ago.

raegannb24 6 years, 9 months ago

As a fellow boater, I had/have NO PROBLEM with this event using the lake. Last I checked it is a public facility and EVERYONE has a right to use it. This event didn't keep us from using our boat this weekend. Perhaps it was a little more crowded, but I'm glad to see the lake getting used for a variety of things. Unless you want to see yearly pass prices go up, I'd thank the volunteers and others for putting on such a great event that highlights Lawrence! Thank you

Joe Berns 6 years, 9 months ago

Tawanda93: Feel free to come out as often as you like and enjoy the lake and its surrounding areas. I have zero issues with anyone wanting to enjoy the area. I just hate it when areas get shut down. I have an acquaintance who lives out at the lake year around who couldn't even get to his camp site where his trailer is. How screwed up is that??

MISTERTibbs 6 years, 9 months ago

It isn't like there wasn't ample information about this race prior to this weekend. If you chose to be ignorant about it, that's your own fault.

As for your friend that couldn't get to his camp site, I call BS. I had no problem getting in to mine on Friday. Had to ride the bike out during the weekend when I needed some additional adult pop, but that's a small price to pay. I just parked a secondary car at the main entrance.

sissezz 6 years, 9 months ago

@ Mr Tibbs..... "adult pop" .... thats sooo cute! :)

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