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100 years ago: KU athlete works on streetcar line during summer

June 13, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 13, 1911:

  • “Paul Endicott, the 8-year-old son of Frank Endicott, is probably the bravest little swimmer in Lawrence. The lad is a member of the Lutheran Boys’ League which is taken to Potter’s Lake three times a week for a swim. Yesterday he dived several times from the varsity spring board, a platform fixed at a height of twenty feet above the surface of the lake. The lad dives in perfect form with a lithe movement which sends him into the water at exactly the proper angle. It is doubtful if there is another lad in town of equal age who would dare to dive from this height.”
  • “Harry Kemp left this morning for the harvest fields, to seek inspiration for a pastoral poem. Kemp carried a big suitcase of books, and an extra shirt strapped to the outside. He says he intends to leave for Europe after a month in the wheat.”
  • “Ellis Davidson, the big Jayhawker guard, went to work on the loop street car this morning. Davidson had figured on hardening his muscles by going to the harvest fields, but feared the hot weather would result in too great a loss in weight.”
  • “The hot dry weather has put a crimp into the local vegetable market. There is very little to be had in this line of edibles and what things are purchased come high. New potatoes have advanced at this time of year. The Kaw crop is feeling an unusual demand already. The heavy rain last week will flood the market in a few days with more crisp vegetables.”


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