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June 12, 2011


Ian Thompson Rocker, 23, Garnett, and Elizabeth Helen Whitford, 21, Copperas Cove, Texas.

Zackary Todd Rockey, 23, Shawnee, and Kelsey Margaret Epperson, 23, Eudora.

Jeremy Paul Mills, 33, Lawrence, and Delilah Rose Tidzump, 49, Lawrence.

Gary John Domke, 23, Leavenworth, and Chelsey Leigh Harmon, 22, Durham.

Aaron Marshall Hall, 32, Baldwin City, and Megan Suzanne Nelson, 31, Baldwin City.

Broc Don Mattox, 24, Lawrence, and Danielle Dakota Smith, 22, Lawrence.

Burton Parker, 33, Lawrence, and Julia Patricia Karas, 26, Lawrence.

Daniel Jason Debelius, 30, Washington, D.C., and Denise Marie Spidle, 28, Washington, D.C.

Christopher Ryan Hodges, 29, Lawrence, and Shannon Rose Allen, 26, Lawrence.

Ryan Patrick Ratcliff, 35, Topeka, and Ana Cecilia Nicoloff, 31, Lawrence.

Brandon Michael Masur, 25, Baldwin City, and Lyndsay Ann Hobbs, 29, Tonganoxie.

Barton Louis Nash, 34, Lawrence, and Jennifer Marilyn Fortune, 34, Lawrence.

Marc Christopher Albertson, 47, Perry, and Tina Louise Klenklen, 46, Perry.

Jeremy Justin Denham, 28, Lawrence, and Kristie Lynne Wilson, 35, Lawrence.

James Charles Hogwood V, 37, Leavenworth, and Ericka Elisabeth Marlene Brune, 27, Lawrence.

Rusty Lee Vervynck, 24, Lawrence, and Amy Lee Demato, 21, Edwardsville.

William Daniel Papa, 30, Lawrence, and Stephanie Joy Nutt, 30, Lawrence.

Michael Wyatt Mcalhaney, 31, Linwood, and Tresa Michelle Cope, 31, Linwood.

James Ellis Robken III, 35, Lawrence, and Gami Amanda Cloyd, 24, Lawrence.

Damon Douglas Griffin, 34, Lawrence, and Dana Marie McElwee, 37, Lawrence.

Daniel John Schober, 31, Lawrence, and Ana Carolina Sella, 32, Lawrence.

Sean Cameron Demaree, 22, Lawrence, and Kristina Ann Banton, 22, Lawrence.

Christopher Lyle Templeton, 23, De Soto, and Sarah Louise Welsh, 22, De Soto.

Sean Robin Minton, 27, Lawrence, and Mackenzie Rose Davis, 19, Lawrence.

Tucker Ivan Pruett, 19, Perry, and Lauren Colleen McGarity, 20, Lawrence.

Andrew Gordon Spalding, 24, Clayton, Mo., and Caitlin Elisabeth Jones, 24, Lawrence.

Jeremy Jay Pine, 27, Lawrence, and Nancy Patricia McCafferty, 26, Lawrence.

Clifton Kelly Hunley, 28, Tulsa, Okla., and Alisha Danae Axman, 26, Tulsa, Okla.


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