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100 years ago: Thousands of children attend party in Woodland Park

June 10, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 10, 1911:

  • “Two thousand bags of popcorn and 300 gallons of delicious red lemonade were required yesterday to satisfy the enormous capacity of the 7,000 children entertained at Woodland park. With their little stomachs gorged to satiety and their happy little bodies literally soaked in lemonade, the kiddies trudged blissfully around the shaded depths of the park or sat dreamily in the big swings too happy and full for utterance.... They ate the bags of good things, distributed with a lavish hand, until the grown-ups watched the proceedings with alarm. Then after a free ride circling the merry-go-round or coaster, back they came with appetite for more pop-corn or more lemonade. Seven thousand rides were given on the coaster and 3,068 were carried on the merry-go-round.”
  • “Leavenworth, Kan. -- Carrie Nation, world-famous as a temperance reformer, died at 7 o’clock last night of paresis. She entered the Evergreen sanitarium here January 22, suffering from a nervous breakdown. Worry over law suits, brought by her against a lecture bureau for alleged failure to pay her for services on the platform, is said to have caused her to break down. The last five months of her life in the sanitarium was in contrast to her former aggressive activity. The meek little woman submitted passively to the physician’s directions. Her one time aggressiveness seemed to fail with her health. Once she saw a physician on the grounds smoking a cigarette. She made no remonstrance, merely smiling and saying that she had done all she could to ‘eradicate the evil.’ She was content, she told him, to let others carry on the fight.”
  • “Officer Daily was called to the 400 block on Pennsylvania street to shoot a mad dog. The animal had become crazed by the heat and nearly frightened a family on Illinois into hysterics by dashing into the house and around some of the rooms at full speed.”


TheEleventhStephanie 7 years ago

Does the 400 block of Pennsylvania still exist? N. Lawrence?

Sarah St. John 7 years ago

Good question; I wondered that too. As far as I know, Penn St. today ends between Seventh and Eighth.

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